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Low Sunday

The Chanting of the Gospel on Easter Sunday


Daily Sermons
April 14 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Judas & Mary Magdalene
April 15 – Bp. Dolan – Tuesday in Holy Week
April 17 – Bp. Dolan – Today We Bury Our Lord (Maundy Thursday)
April 19 – Bp. Dolan – Holy Saturday
April 20 – Bp. Dolan – Easter Sunday

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I am enormously proud of our young people at St. Gertrude the Great. These children, from families always very involved in church or school or both, have grown up before our eyes of late, and fill us with hope for the future. Sometimes it seems adolescents occasion so much hand wringing, (and check writing!) worry, and family conflict. How nice it is to contemplate nice young people, polite and responsible. You can confide an altar, a ceremony, a candlestick or a hymn to them without worry. These teens are slowly assuming adult responsibilities with enthusiasm, aplomb and a good eye – and ear! They aren’t perfect, of course, and still need parents and priests and teachers, but they are worthy of praise, and this is cause for joy this Eastertide.

I’m also proud of our “young Fathers” here for all of the work they do in sacristy, schoolroom and sick calls, as well as in serving souls in the missions, sometimes so far away. Their zeal for the Sacred Liturgy lead them to spend hours practicing for Holy Week ceremonies, as well as mastering its music, and even providing the Passion chants and some daily High Masses to make for a fortnight of High Masses for these greatest days of the year. Thank you, Fathers!

I’m very proud of our choirs (we have several!), our choir directors, our “old Father,” Fr. Cekada, the organist and music maven, for all they do and give for God’s glory. The same must be said for our fine servers, our MCs, our regular sacristans, Holy Week helpers, and volunteers, and especially those who fed us so well these days. Thank you! I’m proud of you all who came and stayed and prayed, who give generously and attend devoutly. St. Gertrude the Great has always maintained the highest standards, but it is a labor of love for that God who loves us so that he never leaves us, even as He is never outdone in generosity. We strive to live the truth that nothing is too good for God!

It was interesting to watch a recording of the Easter Pontifical High Mass. At one point Fr. Cekada thought the frame had frozen, but it was just the acolytes sitting very still…a very professional crew, who give a good example to all.

It seems Our Lord has rewarded us after suffering so severe a Winter, with an absolutely delightful Spring. Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday were just beautiful, with strong sun under blue skies. I wish you all could have seen the Easter egg hunt in the afternoon after the abundant luncheon which followed the Easter Vigil. All of the children were scampering about on the rolling green lawn, looking for eggs. A good time was had by all.


I hope your Easter was a blessed one. That’s one more blessing to count and give thanks for. On this Low Sunday we’ve resumed our traveling. I’m in Louisiana, Fr. McKenna is in Milwaukee, and Fr. Lehtoranta is freshly returned from Washington, DC, where he went to renew his Finnish passport last week.

This week which opens with Easter’s Octave and devotions to the Mother of Good Counsel, leads us through wonderful feasts, including the Holy Child Jesus, Doctor of the Sick, St. Mark, St. Peter Martyr, and St. Catherine of Siena. Mary’s month of May (don’t forget the family May altar) comes with Sts. Philip and James on First Thursday; St. Athanasius arrives with First Friday, and the Holy Cross returns on First Saturday again to be honored, and the blessed palm to be made into holy sacramental crosses for our protection.

Pray with us some more, won’t you, as we keep together Mary’s Month, again adoring her Son in the Blessed Sacrament?

A late Easter makes a quick end to our season at school and church. Soon enough it will be summertime, but let us make Mary’s month count, especially its beginning next weekend at church, and then its continuation in the family circle with daily devotions.

A truly blessed Eastertide to you all!
– Bishop Dolan