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Pentecost V

Girls Camp
Some of the girls from our camp this week perform after Sunday’s High Mass.

Daily Sermons
June 10 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Pentecost Tuesday – Show Affection to the Holy Ghost
June 19 – Fr. McGuire – Corpus Christi
June 24 – Fr. McKenna – Nativity of St. John the Baptist
July 9 – Bp. Dolan – St. Maria Goretti
July 11 – Bp. Dolan – The Adventure of Holiness

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Unusually fine weather has thus far graced our July. First Friday and Saturday, Independence Day weekend, were simply sublime, and the weather has been comfortable for our girls’ camp as well thus far. I write this on Thursday which features an overnight in the midst of the three action-packed days. Many thanks to the good sisters, all of our hardworking fundraisers, and all the ladies who planned and carried out this wonderful annual apostolate. I hope you will be able to greet Sr. M. Joseph and Sr. M. Anthony after the High Mass, and hear the selections offered by the Summer camp choir, always a treat.

In addition to the firecrackers last Friday, nature put on quite a show. Early in the morning a coyote downed a fawn, leaving the carcass for further snacking outside of Fr. Cekada’s office. Eventually the beast made off with the remains but not before a vulture, perched on the little bridge, claimed the heart. Nature really does have a way of taking care of things.

Anne Marie Omlor was telling me at the Rios enthronement that she humanely trapped their groundhog, luring it with cantaloupe (to which they are said to be partial) and then releasing the critter at a park. I’ll have to spread the word to our clerical hunters, who so far are empty handed. Try cantaloupe.

But when it comes to fishing – for souls – that’s another story. How wonderful to see so many girls together for Mass three mornings last week and all day for fun and learning and activities. What a joy to conduct again the Sacred Heart enthronement for the Rios family this past Tuesday. They live on the site of the old Gripshover farm, a good Catholic family of older times, and a name still heard amongst our Kentucky cousins. Sometimes things come full circle.

Fr. McGuire reports continuing interest among the residents of Pleasant Ridge Care Center, where Kim LeBlanc lives. Several more will be receiving the Sacraments. A nice Novus Ordo lady in shorts distributes their communion, but no priest has been for many years. A fruitful field for the apostolate of a true priest. God blesses richly those who visit and comfort the sick and the elderly. We have an unusual afternoon on offer for you today, especially considering that it is the middle of July. But Our Lady chose July 13th to ask for prayer and sacrifice. Why should not we heed the appeal? We often stress that all day Sunday is the Lord’s Day. Why not just give in, and give it to Him, through Mary’s Immaculate Heart, and see what happens?

Vespers are at 4:45, with Precious Blood devotions and Benediction. Then there is Mass at 5:45, and finally the Rosary Procession at 7:15, starting in West Chester. Most of us are busy all day every day, but give yourself a dispensation. Give God the whole day just this one Sunday in reparation. A little “afternoon of recollection” which we could all use.

All that Our Lady said that July day long ago has been fulfilled. It remains for us, in this dark time, to heed her call and hasten the hour when her Immaculate Heart shall triumph.

Remember Our Lady of Mt. Carmel this Wednesday. Remember your scapular this Summer. Go with God, wherever you go this Summer, but come back today to pray with us.

May your July be a happy one, and your travels safe with Angels keeping watch.
– Bishop Dolan