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Pentecost X

Daily Sermons
July 11 – Bp. Dolan – The Adventure of Holiness
July 23 – Fr. McKenna – St. Apollinaris
July 24 – Fr. McKenna – Temptations Against Purity
August 1 – Bp. Dolan – For Our Home-school Graduates
August 15 – Fr. Nkamuke – The Role of Mary in Salvation

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Blessed days of Assumptiontide to you. Last Sunday we honored St. Lawrence, and thought about YOLO, of all things. The report is that the McFathers had a few YOLO experiences themselves, some of the simple, sublime pleasures of the palate which France offers. In this category would be Normandy cider (such as St. Thérèse drank) and the famous macaron cookie. God be praised in all things.

A devout Triduum led us into St. Philomena’s feast last Monday. On Sunday we recited the Curé of Ars’ Litany to St. Philomena at Benediction, a fine tradition here. Devout, sincere and evidently faith-filled petitions came in from the parish and around the world to be presented to the Princess of Paradise. (I love that title!) Some of her clients came on Monday and so both the morning and afternoon Mass had a congregation. After the 5 PM we closed our devotions with the St. Philomena hymn. This time we used the “O Sacred Head” melody, as the standard one was too hard for me. But we sounded good, or at least sang from our hearts.

During the sermon it stormed, and I saw that Darlene was startled by nearby thunder. Well she might be, as the last lightning did some expensive damage we are still repairing. Curious about the annual weather patterns, isn’t it? The coldest weather comes during the Chair of Unity Octave in January, around the 22nd, with its chilling abortion anniversary and pro-life prayers. March often turns very warm and humid for a few days, and April cold. We have the Frost Saints in the middle of May, and just before the Assumption (as last week) we are called upon to do a little penance with heavy, even foggy, humid days and bits of rain without relief. When God sends the weather, however, His children know how to put it to good use. All in reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as good †Fr. Martin, OFM, used to say.

This year the nice, cool Canadian weather relieved us early, and made for a fine Rosary Procession. We were 42 souls to pray publicly this powerful prayer for peace…and is it ever needed today, when all of the savagery of Satan is being unleashed again in the Middle East, Ukraine, and right here in America.

I wish to thank all of our helpers for the great Assumption feast, as well as our Summer choir and servers for the beautiful Masses. This year we will be making available holy cards with some of the dried blessed herbs, as Fr. Cekada mentioned in a recent e-mail.

Fr. Cekada also wrote, in his building fund appeal letter, about the cost-saving arches Gino found for the cloister. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Won’t you help us by sending in a separate offering of $20 a month? Also, a fine statue of St. Francis de Sales is being repainted this month, and will soon be enshrined in church. The beautiful black-robed St. Benedict you see in church belongs to the Benedictine Sisters of Our Lady of Reparation, housed here temporarily because of his size.

Michelle Mikesell, one of the talented teachers at our school, has been helping us part time this Summer in the office. Her sister Mary Ann is again visiting, and often helping here at church as well. Mr. Luke Patrizzi, of Richmond, Virginia, first year seminarian at Most Holy Trinity, visited us for the Assumption. Bp. Sanborn is expecting nearly a full house for September.

In the departures department, we must sadly note that Gerry Keaveney, who first started attending St. Gertrude’s 21 years ago, has moved to Fr. Benedict’s St. Joseph Minor Seminary in Rathdrum, Idaho. No, he won’t be a seminarian. He will help as an algebra teacher and general assistant. For years, Gerry was a virtual fixture at St. Gertrude the Great, usually at daily Mass and serving, as well as visiting the sick, and serving as long-time president of the Rosary Confraternity. We will miss his pious presence, and promise him our prayers in his busy retirement.

It will soon be time for our little school (not so little, really) to reopen its doors to a record enrollment. We have a kindergarten again this year, and will welcome, or welcome back, a number of promising students. The public schools are already in session, but we wait until the traditional Labor Day to begin our school year.

I know I speak for grateful Internet Catholics around the world, as well as for myself and Fr. Lehtoranta when I say we miss the beautiful school Masses, and look forward to their resumption in September. The Sunday High Masses are a joy in Summertime, as they give everyone a chance to chant, “learning by singing” the Church’s own music, for the greater honor and glory of God. This is especially true for the children.

Omnia ad majorem Dei gloriam, as the good Jesuits of yesterday used to say. Or, with the teens we could tweet YOLO. Maybe not.

May Mary be your model in making every day count for God’s glory, and may She bless you.
– Bishop Dolan