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Pentecost XVI

Photos from the Solemn High Mass on the feast of St. Matthew:



And on a completely different note, here is some tug-of-war fun from our parish picnic, which was also held on the feast of St. Matthew:



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✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Fr. McGuire was right about the weather. I had very little to do with it, although we were all praying. It was picture perfect for a picnic, one of the finest days of the year. Thanks be to the Holy Child of Prague, the Divine Infant, as well as to Our Lady and St. Scholastica.

And you turned out! Good for you! Such a line for the richly laden picnic buffet. Thanks to all who cooked and grilled, as well as set up and cleaned up. Special mention to Marlys for her annual piñata offering. This year’s theme was one of those expensive Apple iPhones. From a short distance it looked to me like the real thing, only larger. I think it was Peter McClorey who first opened it up with a decisive crack. A good time was had by all.

Our Sunday attendance varies by about 50 or so these days, and some are visitors – often repeat – each week. But all 50 showed up last Sunday for the “sinners’ call” of St. Matthew, and real mercy from Our Lord, as Fr. McGuire explained. Our Lord got a crack at you all, and by late Sunday morning good Fr. Nkamuke was ministering to souls deep in the dark hull of the ship, the confessional, for a long time. He reminds me of St. Peter Claver; all our heavily engaged confessors do, patiently mucking about in the filth of sin, cleaning up dirty souls. This is real mercy at work.

Last week’s big news was the resumption of talks between the apostate Vatican and Pius X’s Bp. Fellay. They resolved to work towards “full reconciliation in a reasonable amount of time.” Latin Massers (as in, “I’ll go, if it’s a Latin Mass. What else matters?”) beware! You’re on a sinking ship. In the latest Francis Watch (listen on-demand at restorationradionetwork.org), Bishop Sanborn and Fr. Cekada noted once again how Bergoglio is a walking, talking “dogma free” zone. Ratzinger is a true modernist “founding Father” with many heresies to his credit (partial communion, substantial anchorage, theology of encounter, and of course, a clever denial of the Resurrection) but his successor does without dogma at all, thank you very much. He spins a simple homespun gospel of secular nostrums, popular religion (“it doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as you’re a good person”) and a few modernistic notions mixed, oddly enough, with a semblance of devotions, especially as practiced popularly today and among the poor. As Bishop Fellay accurately sized him up: if Bergoglio thinks you’re a good person, that’s all that matters. Leave doctrine at the door.

Some Italian journalists have done a great job in accurately reporting and analyzing Bergoglio’s reign, the Jesuit autocrat who will impose his dogma-free Christianity on the world. One of them, Antonio Socci, also writes for the Fatima industry, promoting the myth that Fatima has not been fulfilled in our day, its terrible Third Secret fully realized in the current chastisement.

Socci has just written a book claiming that Ratzinger’s resignation was forced, and that therefore he, not Bergoglio, is still the true pope! It is a special grace, says the Holy Face mystic, Sr. Marie de St. Pierre, when the enemy falls to fighting with each other, and their camp is cast into confusion. Ditto for the Pius X Society and its “resistance movement,” especially with the latest developments. But we should love them all, and gently pray them back to the great Catholic truths which we, unworthy though we be, hold without compromise. True charity doesn’t cut the truth, but neither does it cut the foe. It has a kindly, winning way of presenting itself, even in these days of the eclipsed Church and general confusion.

Last week I followed a little of the story of the new Archbishop of Chicago, a real anti-traditionalist modernist. (I remember when his predecessor Bernadin, who was the same way, went from Cincinnati to Chicago. In fact, I was on the same plane that day, although I was not in his entourage.) I watched a TV news clip on the Internet of Bishop Cupich doing a Novus Ordo at his home parish in Omaha. You should watch it. In one or two minutes you have, starkly and undeniably before you, the new religion: Communion in the hand, lady lectors and communion ministers and girls with long tresses as “altar boys” as well as the ad-libbed style of the “president of the assembly presiding at his table.” This is not Catholic, and did not come from the Catholic Church, but from some false religion which now controls the real estate, wears the costumes, and claims the authority and the titles. End of story. Sedevacantism explained. Spread the word. Do a favor. Tell a friend.

It’s so simple a child could understand. May the children, the innocent children we call into our midst and bless today, lead us by their example to recognize and resist the lies which rule most people’s lives. A little dose of truth to combat the new religion: “You stink.” The science of the saints. Be sure to be with us next Sunday for the Rosary Procession after the High Mass, and the Communion Breakfast following. Fr. Nkamuke will tell the story of his vocation, which led him from Nigeria to Florida, and which will soon call him back to his native land.

Our season at St. Gertrude the Great Church and School is well begun. Thanks be to God. Plan to give thanks to God the weekend of Christ the King (October 24th-26th) at Forty Hours. Don’t let up your prayers for peace, even as the conspiracy plans yet another war whose combatants, on both sides, they have set up and trained and paid for. Show you know and live the true Fatima message by processing one last time with us on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, Monday evening, October 13th.

You have your work cut out for you. Blessed Month of the Angels!
– Bishop Dolan