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Pentecost XVIII

Daily Sermons
October 3 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Therese and Holy Communion
October 6 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Obedience of St. Bruno
October 7 – Fr. Nkamuke – The Most Holy Rosary
October 8 – Fr. Nkamuke – St. Bridget of Sweeden
October 10 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Francis Borgia, Follower of Jesus

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Wednesday’s mystical blood-red moon seems to have brought us back our sunny Autumn, even as it left a calling card of coming Winter, a delicate deposit of hoarfrost, glistening for one bright moment in the morning sun. Our wet cold weather was wintry indeed for the Rosary feasts last week, but all was bright and…rosy within, and we did have bits of sun, especially for the procession.

Two beautiful Sundays in a row, two treasured observances! Many thanks to Jeanne Hille for arranging the roses, and to God for their beauty, and sending cool weather to preserve them so long. Of all things, our regular visitor and honorary parishioner Chris Browne, right after an eight-hour car trip, ended up preparing Helfta Hall for the Confraternity breakfast, ably assisted by Darlene (who kindly took time out from a very busy sacristy Saturday) and by Mike Briggs. Later that day Ina Harpen completed the work with candles and autumn leaves. Rich Vande Ryt served both as MC for the Mass and procession, and emcee for the breakfast, having loaned us a good PA system for Fr. Nkamuke’s excellent talk. I was offering the 11:30, but am told it was most interesting…and entertaining! The breakfast was delicious and generous as usual, ably provided by Pat Kolb and family. Thank you for coming so far! The door prizes were unusually fine, the Madonna statue having been expertly repaired and restored by Marlys and daughters. I think it came from the estate of William Harris. Congratulations to our two winners, Joseph Simpson and Helena, a new member of the parish.

Thanks, of course, to all of the Rosarians who heard Mass together and processed for the Rosary, and ate breakfast with us. God reward you! I note that all of these parish events are open to all who wish to attend (and we wish you would!) not just members of the Confraternity.

Upcoming events include tomorrow evening’s closing Fatima Rosary procession for peace, and the opening (Friday evening, October 24th) and closing (Sunday evening, October 26th) Mass and procession for our annual Forty Hours Devotion. God reward your piety and perseverance.

Speaking of which, we had another good All Night Adoration last weekend. Thank you to the men of the Guard of Honor – and the women! Your presence is noted and appreciated; your prayers, priceless. Please note that the November All Night Adoration is advanced to Forty Hours, Friday night, October 24th. There is NO November First Friday Adoration, as everyone takes a little rest from all for the October devotions.

Fr. Julian Larrabee is on vacation this week, and will be visiting us for a few days. It will be nice to see him again. Meanwhile, Fr. McKenna is accompanying me for a Confirmation tour to two of his missions, Rochester, Minnesota and Grand Forks, North Dakota. Please pray for a safe and fruitful trip for us. We should be returning on Wednesday.

Isn’t our newest “parishioner,” St. Francis de Sales, grand? Many thanks to Chris Browne for having found our Cincinnati patron saint in some antique store in the middle of Iowa, and for having delivered him here. Thanks again to Marlys and daughters for the beautiful restoration. He makes a fine addition to our family of saints. Why so many in our church? Why, partly in reparation because most churches threw out their saints (as well as their Catholic faith) at the changes.

Enjoy your Columbus Day tomorrow, especially dear students and teachers in our school. Take a little breather in the midst of a busy October. As we honor the saintly Christopher Columbus, we should remember that some evidence suggest that Catholic Norsemen were the first to visit our land many centuries before. Scandinavia rules! But really, Christ the King rules, and Mary His Queen. Come to the last Rosary in West Chester tomorrow, and be a candle in the darkness!

God bless you all!
– Bishop Dolan