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The Holy Name of Jesus

SGG Sanctuary
SGG Sanctuary built with Legos by Christopher and Simon

Daily Sermons
December 22 – Fr. McKenna – St. Thomas, Ap.
December 24 – Bp. Dolan – To Finish Our Advent Well
December 25 – Bp. Dolan – A Live Nativity Scene
January 1 – Bp. Dolan – A Resolution: The Sign of the Cross
January 2 – Fr. McGuire – A Birthday Present for the Baby God

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Christmas week is always a quiet one at St. Gertrude, with the exception of the Sunday and the Holy Day. But these are very quiet, too, or so it seems. The great Christmas push has subsided, and the numbers are down, many prudently “sleeping it off,” avoiding an overdose of religion over the holidays. Remember that for the world Christmas is all December, but ends with December 25. Time to move on. Our regulars still come to the Sunday and Holy Day as usual. The faithful few meet to keep the feasts and observances during the week. The beautifully decorated church is quiet and empty most of the time. It just needs its regular maintenance from our helpers, although watering the handsome poinsettias does take a lot of time. Some children came back to Helfta Hall last Sunday to be properly fêted after being blessed for Holy Innocents Day. Christmas is a quiet time at St. Gertrude, affording the sweets of silent contemplation before the Crib for those who answer still the Angels’ call.

But we are gearing up now for Epiphany and its Mass and dinner, greatest feast of Christmastide. As I write this on Friday, I am praying for a good and faithful First Friday attendance, especially for the All Night Adoration. Thanks to all of you who came quietly to pray, or are helping for the Feast of the Kings. The gifts you bring keep on giving.

We are still working on the wall dwellers. It seems they have not been captured yet. Too big. Some clever beasts got the food last time but escaped the snare. Meanwhile, our Franciscan crib keeps on growing, the Benedictine raven being its latest resident. Someone told me last week of an old Italian custom of the first plate on Christmas Eve going to the animals. I’m sure Caravaggio would approve. That cat has Christmas Eve year round.

It has been terribly cold in the sacristy all winter. It seems the heating unit is broken, and needs to be replaced. (That will be a big bill.) The ladies suspected as much, but the men didn’t believe them. Turns out they were right. We are grateful it was no colder, but it’s been cold enough back there for Darlene and Katie.

The cats have been enjoying our mild sunny days this Christmas, a true blessing for man and beast. May the good weather continue as we go about our business, God’s business in the new year. Fr. McGuire had no sooner returned from the Illinois mission, than left again for Minnesota early yesterday. But all of the Fathers will be with us come Tuesday to celebrate the feast of Epiphany, and I pray you will be as well!

With every good wish for a truly happy new year,

Bishop Dolan

P.S. Don’t forget your plan, keep your eye on the signs!