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Easter V

Our 2015 May Crowning.

Our school students sing at the conclusion of their 2015 Spring Program.

Our Kindergarteners and First Graders sing “Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone.”

Daily Sermons
May 4- Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Monica and God’s Smile
May 5 – Bp. Dolan – St. Pius V
May 6 – Bp. Dolan – St. John & the Boiling Oil
May 7 – Bp. Dolan – St. Stanislaus
May 8 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Brynolf of Skara

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I thought of a line in one of today’s beautiful hymns the other day at May Devotions: “Lisping children’s humble prayer.” All of the children, including the youngest, were enthusiastically singing Our Lady’s litany, really belting out the “Ora pro nobis” each time, in their sweet and childish lisp. The youngest of Mary’s children, like the oldest, never reach for the volume control when singing her praises or reciting her Rosary. The result is so heart-warming, even if a tad cacophonous. Why not come to May Devotions some school afternoon and be an innocent child again for ten minutes, singing humbly to your beautiful Mother, with all you might and main?

Litanies abound these days of May, as do Processions, shoring us up with the power of united prayer, lifting up each intention and need to the Father on His sapphire throne, as we sing after Palm Sunday’s procession. We even have a choice of processions come Wednesday. Come and sing and pray with us, and bring the children. Oh, remember most of all the Holy Day, for Thursday is already the fortieth day since Our Lord rose from the dead, and we must accompany Him as He goes to the Father.

Then comes the Solemn Pentecost Novena for the Church, starting Friday, and soon will come the new Soldiers of Christ to be sealed with the Holy Ghost at Pentecost’s Vigil, true high point of Memorial Day weekend.

Pray for strength for Fr. Nkamuke. He had just returned from visiting his very sick mother, when his father had a stroke and was paralyzed. The family, of course, look to him for help. Anyone who wishes to give Father something for these extraordinary expenses may simply mark the offering with Father’s name.

In addition, Fr. Nkamuke will be covering the remaining courses for Mr. Abraham Chuku, who is now living with him and assisting him. I am now soliciting regular offerings for his supoprt until ordination, called a burse. To help a seminarian, especially one we know and who is so close to ordination, is surely a great grace. Their life is poor indeed, the Nigerian clergy, and they ask only the most basic necessities, as they seek to share “the inestimable riches of Christ” with souls. Your alms deeds let you get in on this blessing.

Summer seems to have settled in, doesn’t it? The cats are certainly enjoying it, even though nights find them on high alert. Caravaggio bagged his first baby bunny of the season the other day, a matter of some pride for our trusty feline, who deposited his headless trophy, ISIS like, in my garden. A modest victory parade had to be organized for the cat before breakfast, with much encouraging praise.

The cat’s unusual outdoor diet occasions him endless digestive problems, but he is not minded to reform at this point. Lately, on days when I am working from the rectory, eh has tried to impose a “toties quoties” (as often, so often, like the indulgence) rule regarding his meals. As often as he enters the house, he would like some more food, all day long. And cats go in and out constantly! An incident with last Sunday’s sermon notes, inadvertently left on the floor, has taught me a salutary lesson about volume control, at least for cat food!

The robins in the cloister, almost feathered now, seems to be surviving both children and cats, and I must admire the mother’s pluck. But that is just one more attribute of motherhood, which it is left to the rest of us to admire wonderingly. God bless our mothers! Happy Mother’s Day.

May Mary be your mother.

—Bp. Dolan