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Pentecost Sunday

Our 2015 May Crowning.

Daily Sermons
May 19 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Sad Saint, St. Peter Celestine
May 20 – Bp. Dolan – The Power of His Name
May 21 – Bp. Dolan – Camping is Fun?
May 22 – Fr. McGuire – Saint of the Hopeless
May 23 – Bp. Dolan – Seven Gifts for Confirmation

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
The grass is in sweet clover, the sun is high in the sky, and the Holy Ghost is come with His light and warmth, making new Soldiers of Christ this Pentecost. Summer is now here, and its Ember Days close this Easter Season, and presanctify the time which needs it most.

Tomorrow we remember the waste of war, its utter and useless horror, but even more anymore our own dear dead, all of them. Do not forget this Memorial Day, but spare a prayer. Next weekend we look forward to our future (as we did with Confirmations yesterday) and celebrate two Graduation Masses for our young people. This particular group is very dear to us, and we are very proud of them.

Fr. Nkamuke writes from Nigeria that his father is holding his own. Fr. Nkamuke recently traveled to Abuja, a fifteen hour trip relieved only by the availability of Mountain Dew at one of the rest stops! He has now a few Catholics to tend to in the capital city, which was once a nest of Diamond Feeneyites. Thank you for your contributions to his support, and Abraham’s burse. We are as well slowing sending him packages of liturgical items and eventually books. “Going, therefore, teach ye all nations.”

This bulletin itself is surely one great teaching tool, if not so much for many of you who go only for “the good stuff,” then for others who access it on line or receive it the old fashioned way, and do read it carefully. We were low last week on content, and I suggested to the talented Theresa, our editor and everything, that she borrow some items from the latest St. High bulletin, produced by our Fr. McGuire. Later, I told Father that it was really quite excellent. He remarked that it should be, as he took most of it from old St. Gertrude bulletins! Just at this moment Fr. Cekada arrived at the scene (his timing impeccable) and commented that I was actually praising myself now, wasn’t I? A little clerical repartee to break up the ennui…

Due to some technical problems, the bulletin has not been sent out to our mailing list for a month, mostly pensioners and prisoners, and I do apologize to our faithful readers. Thanks for your loyal support.

Speaking of “the good stuff” in the bulletin, several of you readers have remarked of your kind interest in the cats, Caravaggio and Puccini. Puccini recently caught a mouse for the McFathers, with whom he sometimes lodges. Carvaggio was a little ill the other day and sought out my shower stall so as to simplify the cleanup. Quite a considerate cat. As with people, you know he feels better when he starts complaining about the food…

The Holy Ghost is fire and flame, and the church is in its Pentecostal finery today. Thanks to all who helped. Curious, isn’t it? (and so great a blessing from Heaven) that despite all we do with candles all year long, we have never had a fire in the church. We lost a surplice one Christmas years ago, and just lately I carelessly caught a lace cuff on fire, passing it too close to the bugia, but that is the extent of it, probably due to Fr. Cekada’s covert candle extinction program, and other cautionary procedures. Of course, the angels and saints watch over us!

The only fires we’ve ever had have been outside, in the highly flammable mulch, and very minor affairs. A cigarette once and bad wiring the other Saturday morning out by the Sacred Heart, but alert Simpsons subdued it in no time.

Fr. Lehtoranta is serving St. Hugh for Pentecost, and the presence of the McFathers make our Pentecost Pontificals possible for this so great feast. It does continue all week, the last week of Our Lady’s May, so let me urge you to come back again, before it’s all packed away for another year. Linger in prayer with us yet, with Our Lady and the Holy Ghost and the Faithful Departed and summer needs and intentions.

—Bp. Dolan