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Pentecost VI

Daily Sermons
June 21 – Fr. Cekada – Francis’s Recyclical
June 24 – Fr. Lehtoranta – John is His Name
June 29 – Fr. McKenna – Saints Peter & Paul
July 1 – Bp. Dolan – One Drop
July 2 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Arise, Make Haste & Come

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Fr. McGuire wrote the other day to update me on his mission travels in the north, where he has been relieving Fr. McKenna of late. He reports a nice growth in our North Dakota missions, and everything going smoothly. He is in Milwaukee today.

Each year on the Visitation of Our Lady I always consecrate all of our missions to her. This year I added Fr. Nkamuke and the Nigerian missions. Thank you for your continuing interest and prayers for them, as well as your financial support, especially Abraham’s Burse. It makes all of the difference. But isn’t it such a grace for us to be able to help them? Treasures of merit, and real bang for your buck, as they say.

We’ve had some visitors this summer, especially from “out west.” It’s hard to catch everybody for a word, but Gerry Keaveney was back from Idaho for a bit, and we had a nice visit. He’s helping out at Fr. Benedict’s minor seminary in Idaho, and kept very busy indeed, teaching and doing anything needed. He didn’t mind the Ohio weather a bit, as it is scorchingly hot back home. Our wet weather certainly favors growth, and keeps the lawn Kelly Green. We exchanged some Irish jokes while we were at it.

This past week was one of beautiful touching feasts and memories, and I thank those who prayed with us, and helped us to keep them, as we sent up many a prayer to the Most High, as well as some beautiful High Masses. We think of our own dear land this weekend, but at least have the comfort of knowing what went wrong and why, and indeed, what the solution would be. It’s a well kept secret…prayer!

Sadly, even the powerful prayer of the 13 Tuesdays of St. Anthony goes begging anymore. I’m glad at least to see that the petitions keep coming in. Now, how to get the people?

Did you know that St. Anthony devotions began with Ron Boehm years ago? When he retired, he volunteered at church, and typed up the first set of prayers, as he himself was most devoted to the Saint of Padua. Ron is still alive and lives in Dayton, as does Judy Fradl, another former parishioner to whom we owe so much. She sewed many of our beautiful vestments. Keep them both in your prayers. I little church history for this Sunday….

Carvaggio was mewing insistently the other night. I should recognize that cry by now. It says “I have something for you.” The something was a baby bunny, of course. I commented to Fr. Cekada that the rabbit looked pretty alive to me. The cat’s captive took that as his cue, and bounded off to the living room. The poor thing hid itself so well that even a priest, a bishop, and a flashlight were unsuccessful in finding it. Our only desire was to liberate the hare from its snare, but it was not to be. The next morning Puccini had returned for a second breakfast and a digestive nap when my recollection was broken by a great rush and a thumb. The bunny had been found, and was in the jaws of the cat, bleeding profusely into the carpet. Out went the rabbit, and I got down on the floor to deal with the blood. Puccini was left mystified, wondering what had become of his prey. All in a day’s activities at the rectory.

Today we all honor the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and pray for Church and country. Remember the powerful, and anti-Masonic devotion of the Precious Blood, especially promoted by the Blessed Gaspar Del Bufalo, known as the “hammer of Free Masons.” Unfortunately, they have already done their work, and very well indeed. But let us do ours, shall we? How will we know, if never we try? No time like the present. Come to Mass twice this week, and double your graces.

May this be the blessing you receive with Our Lord’s Precious Blood.

—Bp. Dolan