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Pentecost XVI

During the High Mass on this Labor Day weekend, the Lilies glow in the morning sun.

Daily Sermons
September 4 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Aligning Our Desires with Our Final Goal
September 7 – Fr. McGuire – Prayer and Work
September 8 – Bp. Dolan – Nativity of Our Lady
September 9 – Fr. Lehtoranta – A Heartless Princess
September 10 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Pulcheria, A Pious Princess

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I’m writing this on a beautiful, clear and cool September morning–at last! It is 9/11. Many have forgotten this day, as we are perhaps intended to. But so many dead! Pray for them, and all the dead of so many conflicts.

If few remember correctly 9/11, even fewer ever knew the true glory of that day. But the Enemy remembers, itching for revenge, and will never forget. This is the day the relief forces arrived to deliver Vienna from the Moslem hordes besieging it in 1683. Now, God uses imperfect men for His glory. The Polish King was also a Free Mason, as they were back then. Still, he served the Mass himself before they went into battle, and God gave him the victory. It was the Mass and Mary which made the difference.

Who will deliver Vienna, and all of Europe from the Moslem hordes being resettled there by the One Worlders? Who will deliver our land from the gross immoralities being foisted upon us by the “Catholic” judges of our Supreme Court? God save us from respectable and proper Catholic judges. Who would deliver us, then? That’s right. It would be you. At least you’re not a Mason, for all your faults. God means to use you to do a lot of saving this season. Who else? So ride to the relief of your Church and country this evening, not a forced march from Poland to the hills of Vienna, but a pleasant ride out to West Chester on a quiet Sunday evening.

We had the joy of a Baptism, and the sorrow of a Funeral last week. Margaret Schaeper has gone on to eternity, after just a few years with us, marked by her devotion and charity. The day after she left, proud parents brought their latest baby boy, Joseph Kolenich, to be baptized into God’s family. These are the deeply comforting and so spiritual statistics of a week at church.

Labor Day saw a nice group at St. Joseph’s Mass, and Tuesday’s terrible heat did not deter any of the celebrants from Mary’s Birthday, everything from Solemn Mass to cake and ice cream, as we rejoiced together and honored our Queen. This evening and Tuesday for Mary’s Sorrows we intend to continue the theme, during this, the most Marian of months.

This morning we begin our Sunday classes, and I remind parents of the grave duty of educating their children in the Faith. If they do not attend classes, and so often miss Sunday Mass, then we are setting them up for Hell. I am saddened to realize that some families pretty much took the Summer off from Mass. These same also take off every Holiday weekend, whether they are in town or not. What’s left for God, for Grace? In a few yeas’ time another generation will be lost to God, to the Faith, to Heaven. And it’s so easy, isn’t it? Fr. McKenna recently remarked that Hell always sends a bus for the kids.

I thank the teachers of our Sunday School, who are evidently more concerned for the children than some of the parents. I welcome the Sisters who are taking some of the classes. It will be good to have religious teaching again at St. Gertrude. It’s been many years. God bless them.

Adults and older teens, don’t forget the ever so interesting Bible Study Class on offer as well at the same time. “Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.”

There are a few blessed pansies left over from Tuesday which I will have to get planted soon. I’m amazed at how well the orange impatiens are doing in the cloister garden. IT was a last minute thought, and Katie got some for me at the end of the planting season, and Freddy planted them. I can’t believe how well they’re doing. God bless any kind souls, or the Lord Himself, who have tended these plants. The Sisters and some of you have time and again planted the stations this season, but with no lasting results. We’ll have to have a talk wit the Gardener.

I did get a Butterfly plant in the other year, and it surprised me by coming back this Spring. The other day I was outside and turned around to see a majestic Monarch Butterfly in the bush, just as the name promises. It was one of those moments of random beauty with which life is full, if only we stop to see. And seeing, of course, go to the Source, Almighty God, most beautiful of all.

Have a beautiful week in the beauty of God’s garden. I send a St. Fiacre blessing home with you today.

–Bp. Dolan