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Epiphany II

Solemn Mass of the Epiphany. Fr. Mardones, Celebrant; Fr. McGuire, Deacon; Fr. McKenna, Subdeacon. Bp. Dolan and Fr. Lehtoranta look on.

Daily Sermons
January 11 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Ursulines of Valenciennes, Martyrs of Catechism
January 12 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Strong Faith of the Magi
January 13 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Little Lamb of God
January 14 – Fr. Lehtoranta – How God Can Use a Little Spider
January 15 – Fr. McGuire – Holy Haste

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
The Five Octaves of Christmastide are now completed, and today’s Mass marks the third miracle of Epiphany, but still you find Christmas with its lights and flowers and carols and Child and crib in church. How delightful to leave a world by turns tired and tawdry to return each week to God’s House, whose splendor only hints at the Life to Come. Mother Church jealously guards our forty days of Christmas, and even when pre-Lenten purple intrudes itself she will not let go. So let us enjoy these last weeks of calm Christmas contemplation, now that the hurly burly of the rush is past.

Last Sunday was quite a scene, though, with slippery ice and blowing snow and vans like oxen and asses falling into ditches. Thank God you were all safe and accounted for, and that we managed the beautiful sung Mass pretty well, and most of you made it to Mass safely. Then came the artic blast, but only for a bit, the week warming as it ended. Weather. But I hope you all had a blessed Holy Family Sunday, and remembered the Epiphany Home Blessing, or at least the chalk for over the door.

Fr. Cekada reported in from Florida Monday morning at 75 degrees with balmy breezes. Fr. McKenna went to the perpetual cold of North Dakota to visit the faithful. He went out in a sideways blowing snowstorm on Saturday to give Extreme Unction in Milwaukee but faced his greatest risk indoors, when he briefly set his surplice on fire. One of those days.

Darlene, looking pretty good on her cane, was by on Saturday to pick up some of her things with the help of Jerry and Marian Shawhan, dear old friends of the 80’s. I ran into more of these old friends over Christmas at Margaret Kinnett’s delightful surprise birthday party, given for her by her dutiful son, Albert Daniel. We agreed that it is a shame only to see each other, and that briefly, at funeral homes and dark and noisy wedding receptions. Wouldn’t it be fun if somebody organized a “Those Were the Days Sharonville 80’s Reunion”? We would all agree to behave ourselves for the duration, and leave heavy artillery, ice picks and maces outdoors. We’d have a blast. Memories mellow.

The cats are managing the weather changes quite nicely, going back and forth between hibernating and hunting hares. I pray we all manage well this week. Tomorrow we open our week of prayer for the conversion of non-Catholics, and on Friday we have a lot of prayer to storm Heaven “For Life,” and America’s conversion. There are votive Masses, a Holy Hour, two Benedictions, and three novenas, at least. Stop by and pray a little, won’t you? Oh, and don’t forget St. Henry, patron saint of Finland, on Wednesday.

May Our Lady of Pontmain fill you all with holy hope!
-Bishop Dolan