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Candlemass, just before the procession

Daily Sermons
February 1 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Ignatius of Antioch
February 2 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Light of Faith is Still Burning
February 3 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Blaise
February 4 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Andrew Corsini
February 5 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Love and Death of Christ

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
What a nice cozy spot is our lot in the Queen City of Cincinnati. This was demonstrated again at Candlemas. To the north of us was snow, and terrible storms and tornadoes. We only had some wind, and a steady rain, heavy at times, in the evening. Our beautiful cloister served its liturgical purpose as we chanted through it on our procession, clutching candles against the wind, but protected from the rain. The air felt rather spring-like.

A nice group, “just enough” joined us for the bright Mass of the Candles which followed, as we hailed the coming of Christ, Light of the World, candles in hand. Soon, next month, it will be Holy Week, and the conflict of Christ vs. darkness will climax at Calvary, and the Light will win.

Only five soups made their appearance for the Winter Soup Supper, but ah, what delicious soups! Mark ordered some pizza to be on the safe side, and the desserts abounded in the spirit of Mardi Gras. The really good ones went first, while I was still on the soups. A good time was had by all. Providence always provides.

In what is becoming an annual tradition, Mark printed up Candlemas themed placemats, truly a keepsake. This year’s presented Polish customs for the feast, centering around Our Lady.

We had a beautiful dawn on Candlemas, but no shadows (or groundhogs) were seen, so Spring seems to be on its way. Wednesday’s warm sunny weather was its foretaste, and favored our devoted crew which put Christmas away, mostly the Arlinghauses and Simpsons. Thank you very much for work well done!

A very sincere thanks as well to all of you who have been helping in church and sacristy, especially on Saturdays. Chris Browne delivered some candles, and then stayed to help in the sacristy for a couple of days. And from so far away! Many thanks, Chris! If you haven’t yet helped, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of work. Stop by and iron an alb or two.

This is a busy week at St. Gertrude. We have “all day church” on Wednesday, giving out ashes and offering Masses and prayers with which to start your Lent. Don’t forget to come and receive your ashes, making the best start to your Lent. Don’t forget Friday Stations, either, at the traditional time of 7:30 PM. Just before that, there’s a Lenten Supper to which you’re welcome. It’s potluck, but I usually make a pot of soup. Bring along a little something to share. Bring yourself.

Keep dear Ina Harpen, a devoted church worker, in your prayers. She was hospitalized last week. Also remember Sr. Mary Gemma of Mt. St. Michael, a
most edifying nun who died of lupus last week, after many years of suffering.

Fr. McKenna celebrates his birthday on Monday. He’ll be flying from Spokane, where he helps at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, serving as long distance pastor in the absence of Fr. Vaillancourt. Fr. Kasik offers Mass there on Sundays, in addition to serving other groups in Spirit Lake, Idaho, and Montana.

Fr. Lehtoranta has been corresponding with a young Swede, half Finn on his mother’s side, who has studied our website articles and wishes to convert to Catholicism from the state Lutheran church. We rejoice at all of the good that is being done on the internet, including Fr. Cekada’s memorable videos. They are highly entertaining but deeply educational. Father must spend many hours to produce them, but they have rapidly become a valuable apostolate, already producing good fruits.

I’m sending home the first of our Reparation Notes with you today, little Lenten daily devotionals. Put it by your bedside or your coffee mug so you re-member to pray it each day. Have a blessed Lent. Let us work together on reparation, to repair the damage done to God’s glory and to souls today.

God bless you,

Bp. Dolan