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Lent II

Daily Sermons
February 15 – Fr. McGuire – A Nice Lenten Sermon
February 16 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Silence and Holiness in Church
February 17 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Ten Commandments
February 18 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Punishment, Guilt and Ham
February 19 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Gifts of God and Gratitude

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Lent II, Transfiguration Sunday, is always a joyful one, as it grants us a glimpse of Easter glory, that transfiguration God would work in us during these weeks of Lenten retreat. With the apostles, though, we need to open our eyes, wake up, and listen. “This is My beloved Son!”

Our microblast of Winter, ten days or so, seems to have given way to another Spring break, and that during last week’s Spring Ember Days. How liturgical. One of these days Spring will be here for good, and it will be a blessing.

Winter always takes its toll. I remember that last Lent we had weather every Sunday, and those who needed an excuse—some don’t, of course—stayed away from Church all Lent long. Last Sunday we were between snows, and it was cold. Many of you stayed home to be on the safe side. When the weatherman intones snow, people think Kroger, not church. Let us pray for good weather. Let us make reparation for the violation of Sundays.

Last Sunday’s surprise snow made for slippery roads in the afternoon. I thank the Simpsons who with John composed the congregation, as well as the choir and servers, for Vespers. We cancelled the Mass as the usher had no one to usher. All got home safe and sound through the snow. After finishing our prayers and sacristy work Fr. McGuire and I enjoyed some excellent Beef Bourguignon which the Henrys had kindly brought. It made for a cozy supper.

Poor Fr. McKenna was meanwhile struggling with snow effect to make it back home after a particularly arduous journey. He finally did. I’m glad we saved him some dinner. Fr. Lehtoranta got back at midnight, too late to eat. He says it’s always that way anymore when returning from Louisiana. Fr. Cekada enjoyed Florida’s balmy breezes as he taught our future priests last week. He’s started work on another video.

Caravaggio and Puccini were to the doctor yesterday for their annual checkup. The cats are quite flexible when it comes to weather, and are now in full bunny hunting mode, spending long hours in the underbrush. They are somewhat less eager for doctors’ visits, but allow themselves to be persuaded. Thank you, Gloria.

Have you heard? Fr. Lehtoranta has published a book, The Nail of Jahel, about the heroines of the Old Testament, perfect spiritual reading for ladies and young ladies this Lent. This idea started with a series of sermons on the subject during Girls’ Camp, which Father has expanded upon in a way so as to inspire our girls and their mothers, and increase our knowledge of The Book, Holy Scripture. Available in the bookstore.

Bring the children to church Wednesday morning. Cancel classes at home, Protestant, or public school so as to give your little (and not so little) ones one precious day a year!! of Catholicism and prayer and talks, just for them. Call if you’re coming, as we’ll be providing lunch.

We also provide, or rather some of you do, supper for the Friday Evenings of Lent. Come for all or part of our program, especially Stations. Thanks to our Lenten cooks, and all of our helpers.

God bless you for an excellent and holy second week of Lent! Fr. McGuire reports that Loraine and Viola were so happy to receive Ashes the other week that they both sighed with joy! We found Gary Amyx, just not doing too well at the moment. Bee enjoyed a visit with the Arlinghauses, even though she doesn’t remember any more. Visiting the sick is a great Lenten activity.

Yours in a spirit of reparation,
Bishop Dolan