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Easter 2016

Blessing of the New Fire
At the start of the Easter Vigil services, Bp. Dolan processes outside for the Blessing of the New Fire.

Gloria, Laus et Honor Tibi Sit. We wait in the cold, for the symbolic doors of Heaven to be opened by our Savior’s passion and resurrection.

Daily Sermons
March 17 – Bp. Dolan – St. Patrick
March 18 – Fr. McKenna – The Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary
March 21 – Fr. McKenna – A Visit with Friends
March 22 – Bp. Dolan – The Just Man is His Own Accuser
March 24 – Bp. Dolan – Maundy Thursday

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Easter is the day of triumph and of joy, and I wish you your full measure on this Day of Days, and Feast of Feasts. Happy, Blessed Easter! God bless you in your firm Faith, traditional and true, and grant you the grace to live it more and more, casting out the old leaven of this world’s ways, and eating rather the “un-leavened bread of sincerity and truth.” Pray for those with whom you break bread today to have that same hunger for Catholic truth which only Our Risen Savior can satisfy.

Many thanks to all of you who worked and sang and served for this beautiful Holy Week, a week whose holiness we are only too happy to share with others by means of our webcasting apostolate, as well as our many visitors. A sincere welcome to you all this Easter, along with our thanks for your loyal support via the internet. It makes a difference, and helps us to make a difference in this bleak world of ours.

What have we been up to all week long at St. Gertrude the Great? Why, the Gospel of last Monday tells the tale. Once again, Mary Magdalen anoints the feet of Jesus Christ, breaking the neck of an alabaster jar of precious ointment, worth thousands of dollars. This act of devoted love is one of that faith inspired reparation which motivates all we do all year long at our church, but especially during Holy Week. The precious perfume of our time and money is poured out at Jesus’ feet in practicing and preparing for and performing lovingly the great ceremonies of the Great Week, making our Lord in these events present in our midst, even as we present, offer, Him to the Father.

Palm Sunday, especially its Procession, was picture perfect. The sun seemed to banish the chill as we walked along bearing branches of Palm in homage to the King Who is going to die. Beauty, the Brueggemann’s biblical donkey, was duly dignified, followed by a nice little crowd of children. Two of them, walking together in old style tailored coats upon the gravel path, were particularly charming. The processional cross, like the altars, was festooned with blessed palm, securely in place.

A sun beam and some birds were waiting for us when we got to the door of the church for the Gloria Laus, which epitomizes the ceremonies of the unchanged Palm Sunday. The angels within were in good voice and well audible from Heaven, whilst we on earth answered them, gravely and sweetly taking up the refrain. The birds tweeted, the sun shone, and Scott made a clip for the website. Fr. Cekada later tweeted the tweeting and the singing and Sam the Crucifer’s three-fold knock.

The only contrary note is that in the confusion of the day somebody stole the donut money in Helfta Hall. But Judas has his role in Holy Week, doesn’t he?

The Pius X Society is on its way to being recognized by the New Church, Bishop Fellay says. Cardinal Kaspar, the distinctively unfriendly ghost of modernism present is crowing that Pope Bergoglio has a real revolution ready to be unleashed in April to finish off what is left of marriage. Archbishop Lefebvre’s 25th anniversary of death came Good Friday, March 25. One wonders what the good Archbishop, who certainly envisaged sedevacantism as a possible necessity one day, would make of all this?

But our Faith is yesterday and today and the same forever, and today is the day of our triumph. We, little flock, hold serenely to a religion which can never grow old because it is eternal. Holding on to it, we grasp eternal life.

Keep the Faith! I send an Easter blessing home with you today.

–Bishop Dolan