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Easter II

Daily Sermons
April 4 – Bp. Dolan – In the Picture
April 5 – Bp. Dolan – Stopped in Midair
April 6 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Resurrection and the Dead
April 7 – Fr. Lehtoranta – You Must Love the Holy Mass
April 8 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Your Own Cross Serves You Well

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
We had a wicked wind storm on Easter Saturday afternoon. It rattled our timbers, blew open doors, set off alarms and ruined our router, thus cutting off internet access. This I most of all regretted, that the wind blew away the webcast Masses for Low Sunday. I prayed to the angels during the storm, and thought Sunday it must have been devils which blew in such a wind. But then the other day for my meditation I read this from Tuesday’s St. Vincent Ferrer:

“Sometimes it is God Himself Who, in a sense, sets up obstacles to the accomplishment of the pious designs we form for His sake, either by sending us some infirmity or in another way. Do not be disturbed, in that case, by your powerlessness. Endure it patiently and leave everything to Him Who knows better than you do what is advantageous to you and Who, perhaps without your knowing it, is drawing you constantly to Himself, so long as you surrender yourself completely to His providence.”

Low Sunday was quiet and cold, the Gregorian Chant serenely resounding in the sunny church as things returned to normal. There were only a few babies for the 11:30, although we did have some philippics for the 5:45. True to its name, our attendance was quite low, after Easter’s high of four hundred souls.

I regretted the internet outage again on Monday’s great transferred feast of the Annunciation. Still, with the assured help of our trusty young people we had a beautiful and very solemn Mass, and the children themselves sang Our Lady’s Vespers during our pro-life Holy Hour of Adoration. Be sure, dear friends of the internet, our virtual congregation, you and your intentions were with us on these beautiful feasts as we concluded the Easter Novena of High Masses.

Fr. Lehtoranta had a rough trip to Finland through Russia, but returned with his final forms all in order, and happy to be back. Homeland Security sent a man out Tuesday to check on our Finnish Father, and Fr. Cekada showed him around the school where he teaches. “Homeland Security,” Father announced. “They’re here to check your homework!” Seems like they check on everything and everyone except immigrant terrorists who post their plans on social media.

Life returned to normal this past week, with regular schedules and saints and sermons here. The early Easter means that everything is happening in May, necessitating much April planning. But there is April travel, too.

This week Fr. McKenna returns from his missions, including St. Joseph’s mission in Illinois, and will join us for St. Joseph’s Solemn High Mass on Wednesday at 11:20. The annual novena begins on Tuesday, with his Solemnity on the Sunday as usual.

Yesterday was Fr. James Thielen’s 25th anniversary of ordination. Please join me in extending good wishes and prayers for this gentle and good priest, a true apostle of the sick and shut in. Father tells me he is thinking of a celebration for late Spring or early Summer. Friday will be Fr. Thomas LeGal’s 10th anniversary of ordination, right here at St. Gertrude the Great Church. It was a memorable event, and a great grace to have his Holy Saturday ordination. Fr. LeGal works in France now, but also brings the true Mass to isolated souls throughout Europe, including Ireland. Please pray for these two faithful priests and their quiet apostolate for souls.

I am in Mexico for another quick weekend trip, this time to Tiujana and Mexicali, with scheduled return for Monday night. Prayers, as always, will be appreciated. Please pray for parents and children for Saturday’s First Communion testing, and First Confession. These are busy, happy days, but also so important for eternity. What a responsibility.

I thank the families who are faithful to Mass each Sunday, for their good example. I treasure and thank our older Catholics who give such an example of fidelity year after year. They are all of them honorary Good Shepherds looking after the Lord’s lambs, after Our Lord’s own example.

May Our Lady, Mother of the Good Shepherd look after your flock, and lead them to safe green pastures.

—-Bishop Dolan