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Sunday within the Octave of the Sacred Heart

Congratulations to the children who received their First Holy Communion on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi.

Daily Sermons
May 27 – Fr. Lehtoranta – A Father’s Promise
May 31 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Petronilla
June 1 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Angela Merici
June 2 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Holy Eucharist is a Sign of God’s Love
June 3 – Bp. Dolan – What IS a Sister of Reparation?

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
We have seen great things these days, as Corpus Christi gave way to Sacred Heart, triumph and adoration to the great feast of reparation. But so many wonderful days, and one night, of adoration, so many innocent First Communicants, so many touching graces have been given us!

Not the least of the graces was the weather Corpus Christi Sunday. It dawned overcast and humid, although no rain was predicted for the morning. Still, I prayed for good weather. Then, it rained at the start of the 7:30 Mass. I couldn’t believe it! It was just our rain, nowhere else. But I think Our Lord wanted to glorify confident prayer, because the sun indeed came out for the High Mass and procession. Good life lesson. When it rains, look for sun.

I remember these last days with gratitude, and that the greatest thanksgiving is the Holy Eucharist, Sacrifice and Sacrament, so fittingly offered and received and sung and served and processed and adored these wonderful feasts of the Blessed Sacrament and the Sacred Heart.

But ceremonies end, and milestones celebrated recede to memory, guests go away, and children grow up and Summer calls. How good it is, how consoling, how important that there should now be two more Sisters of Our Lady of Reparation, Sr. Benedict Marie and Sr. Perpetua Marie, novices who will both learn and pioneer the ways of Benedictine religious life dedicated to offering reparation, especially for priests. It is a vocation as grand as it is necessary. We are blessed to have these Benedictines in our midst, and to know that they are praying night and day.

Friday’s investiture ceremony and lovely reception was a grand one, well attended by family and our own church family. I had my doubts about the hair cutting, pig tails seeming to me a rather daunting task, but Mother Isidore insisted it was part of the program, and provided some strong clipper-like scissors which did the trick. It seems the hair is traditionally given to the mother of the new novice, one day to be buried with her. A similar custom exists for a new priest, whose mother is given the linen which bound his hands after they were anointed at the Ordination.

We are proud of a young man from Michigan, the Rev. Mr. Philip Eldracher who will be ordained by Bishop Sanborn at Most Holy Trinity Seminary on June 29, feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. Many of us have known him since he was a boy, and rejoice at his vocation and ordination. Please keep him in your prayers these days, as well as our own two new sisters. Vocations in our midst are a great blessing from God.

So far the effects of chemo on Fr. Cekada had been fairly mild, some general malaise and a little nausea. He has to be careful to avoid crowds with their danger of infection, but was able to distribute the re-port cards at school, with his customary amusing comments. Father also assisted at the Investiture Ceremony, before retiring to the rectory to rest. Fatigue is a big factor.

Rest is on the program this week at St. Gertrude. School is out, and a quiet order obtains this Sacred Heart week as we recover a bit from the joys—and crosses—of the last intense weeks. Next week, though….

Fr. McKenna is using some of the airline mile-age he has accumulated in his mission travels to go to Austria to visit Fr. Trauner, and have a little vacation. He hopes especially to visit Prague, which I have warmly recommended to him. I’m sure he’ll have a fine time. I hope you do, too, wherever your travels should take you this summer.

The weather has certainly been disagreeable of late, but we are grateful the air conditioning has held out. The man installing the new unit had an accident with his hand which took him to the hospital recently, so the work progresses slowly.

I must go. The cats are patiently awaiting break-fast. They quite enjoyed the left over tuna salad from the Sisters’ reception. Last Sunday Caravaggio break-fasted on bunny, and was careless about clearing the table, leaving behind on the deck bits of fur, viscera, and one rather forlorn bunny eye which looked up at me accusingly.

Thanks again for all of your participation and help these days, and especially for your concern and prayers for Fr. Cekada.

May the Sacred Heart be your refuge and re-ward!
—Bishop Dolan