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Solemnity of Ss. Peter and Paul

Bonfire for the Vigil of St. John
Our Bonfire, on the night of the Vigil of St. John the Baptist

JUNE 14 – SEPTEMBER 6, 2016
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Daily Sermons
June 22 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Girls’ Camp I: Rebecca
June 23 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Girls’ Camp II: Anna
June 24 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Grils’ Camp III: St. Elisabeth
June 29 – Bp. Dolan – Anniverary Ramblings
July 1 – Bp. Dolan – Sacred Heart and Precious Blood

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠

Ss. Peter and Paul were never a holy day in the United States, I think, as they are in the Universal Church. Eventually the American Bishops established an obligatory Sunday solemnity for these holy apostles, as the French Church did in post Concordat France.

This used to be the greatest feast of the year in Rome, after Easter itself. The Pope would celebrate a very grand Papal Mass in St. Peter’s. Ours were somewhat more modest on Wednesday, but some of you came to honor the Princes of the Apostles with us, and to pray for priests as we kept ordination anniversaries.

I also remember our friends and faithful at Ss. Peter and Paul Church in Mexicali, just south of the Arizona border, which I visited again in April. I send them our prayers and a blessing for their patronal feast.

We prayed as well for our new priest, Fr. Philip Eldracher, ordained June 29 in Florida. I think his parents met on one of our Y.A.G.s (Young Adult Get Togethers) at St. Gertrude the Great years ago, which would probably make him an honorary priest son of our church. We are proud of him.

There will be morning First Thursday Holy Hour this week, consisting of Mass and Benediction, to pray for priests, at 8 A.M.

Glowing reports all around for our Girl’s Camp, which seemed to combine a calm, happy air with enthusiastic fun. Thanks to all of our devoted workers, organizers, benefactors and St. Thomas Aquinas Sisters for making this wonderful apostolate possible. Thank you to their chaplain, Fr. Lehtoranta, who put so much effort into his inspiring sermons. A fuller version will appear in print in due time.

What a crowd we had for the St. John’s Eve cookout. It’s always a good sign almost to run out of food, although no one, I think, went hungry. We did all miss Fr. Cekada’s campfire story and inimitable accents, as well as his presence as MC and song leader. But everyone surely had a good time. The Rosary was my favorite. Nice and quiet by the blessed fire.

The Pius X Society issued a statement this week, which was as formally schismatic (Bergoglio is the Pope but we don’t need his permission for anything) as Francis himself was heretical during his airplane trip. (Inflight Entertainment?) He said Luther was right about justification, Armenian heretics (Monophyrites) were part of the Mystical body of Christ, and that “the Church should apologize to gays.” “They” say that the Vatican is going full speed ahead in its’ plans to recognize (and resist?) the Pius X Society. Strange times we’re living in.

The situation in our country, and the world, is similarly precarious. Handle with prayer. Thanks to those who prayed with us during our First Friday All Night Adoration, as well as for last week’s great feast days.

Mass tomorrow at 9 A.M. would be a good idea to avert God’s holy wrath from our land and to ask Our Lord to preserve us yet.

We were gifted with more fine days at the end of June, the Month of the Sacred Heart. This month has seen so many happy days, so many graces. Two Benedic-tine novices, one new priest, as well as a so far successful treatment for Fr. Cekada, a fine St. John’s Eve and an ex-cellent Girl’s Camp. Fr. Lehtoranta was able to go home for a long delayed family visit. There is even word that our long delayed new air conditioning unit has been mostly installed. Thank you for your help for this, and all of our projects.

May Ss. Peter and Paul put you and your family under their powerful protection, as well as our church and country.

—Bishop Dolan

P.S. I forgot to mention that the coyotes are back. The cats have adopted an attitude of watchful waiting. Caravaggio takes to the roof, to be on the safe side. The feral Persian cat comes around still with his odd cries, but our silent felines are the soul of prudence.

P.P.S Fr. McGilloway was by the other day with a convert of his who needed to be confirmed before going to the Naval Academy in Annapolis. It was nice to visit with them. Their chapel is near Portsmouth on the Ohio.