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Solemnity of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady

Daily Sermons
September 12 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Holy Name of Mary, Our Mother
September 13 – Fr. McKenna – St. Nicholas of Tolentino and The Holy Souls
September 14 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Our Crosses and Our Penance
September 15 – Fr. Lehtoranta- Two Sorrowful Mothers
September 16 – Bp. Dolan – Ss Cornelius & Cyprian

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
We call this Sunday “of Sorrows” because Our Lady was overwhelmed with them, in union with her Son, for our salvation. Today we confidently bring all of our sick to be blessed, trusting in that same Blessed Mother’s tender care and powerful intercession.

And yet, I’ve sometimes thought, today is our traditional picnic, a time to relax with our fellow Catholics, and enjoy ourselves as we catch up on news, and the children play away. No contradiction here. We pray every day happily to receive whatever Heaven sends our way, whether some real relaxation and joy, or the weight of the cross. Still, it is easier to carry when we’ve stopped for the consolation God gives us. Blessed be His Name forever.

Last week was one of much coming and going, joy mixed with sorrow. We were happy to see Fr. Larrabee again after two years, and he to visit here for a few days, and catch up on your news. He reports that all is well with his work with Fr. Zapp in California. Father returned home on Friday. We priests had a nice barbecue dinner for Fr. Larrabee (he does enjoy his steak) on Thursday evening. Fr. Cekada was able to join us, and also played the organ for the first choir rehearsal of the new season.

Our two vocations left for Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Florida last week, and their sad but proud families said goodbye, at least until they can return on vacation. Let us pray for the perseverance of Thomas Simpson and Brendan Lotarski, and God’s blessings upon the work of Bishop Sanborn.

Speaking of bishops, Saturday marks the 25th anniversary of Bishop Mark Pivarunas’ consecration by Bishop Moises Carmona. Please keep him, and his apostolate in your prayers as well, as he and his clergy and faithful celebrate this important milestone. Saturday is Our Lady of Ransom, the last of our special Marian Masses this month, and we will be sure to pray for him and his flock.

Ember Days of Autumn fall this week. Don’t forget the fast and abstinence for the new season, and for our seminarians and clergy. We would do well to add our country and all the world to this list. I was happy to hear of such an excellent attendance, 45, for the September Rosary Procession for Peace. One of the Fathers commented how nice it was to see everyone lingering afterwards, as if no one wanted it to end!

I thought I had a part time janitor lined up for Saturday, but it did not work out. Can anyone lend a helping hand, even for an hour or two on Saturday morning? Volunteer or pay? Please pray for this intention, and do be conscious of picking up as much as possible. Truly, many hands make light work. The Sisters, busy as they are, have volunteered to help us Monday afternoons, and I have someone for a bit in the morning as well, but Saturday, or even Friday, remains the challenge. Thanks for any help you can offer.

While I’m thanking, let me mention as well our cooks lately and our faithful drivers. We very much appreciate your help, and would welcome you to use the websites or call if you can.
The Sisters report a good start to our Catechism classes, with 29 children signed up “so far.” Many more need to come! Prayers and a little prodding, probably…

God bless you in your sorrows and joys.

Yours in Our Lady,
Bishop Dolan