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Pentecost XXI

Daily Sermons
October 3 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Spiritual Childhood of St. Therese of Lisieux
October 4 – Fr. McKenna – St. Francis and the Wolf
October 5 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Helen Guth from Kansas
October 6 – Fr. McGuire – St. Bruno
October 7 – Bp. Dolan – The Rosary: Weapon and Way

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
A summery Autumn has brought us warm days and cool nights. “Allergies,” that generic catch-all for malaise, continue unabated, as does our busy October here, with many daily Masses and the rosary too. The birds were in good form for St. Francis of Assisi, singing away the praises of God, more than matching our own poor efforts in their sinless purity. The cats are enjoying their prolonged summer, have cancelled their winter alert, and are faithfully hunting. Caravaggio brought me a delicious little black mouse on Saturday morning, duly heralded with his “this is important, pay attention!” cry.

Rosary Sunday went perfectly, and the beautiful Mass in the newly arrived sunshine led into a fine Rosary Procession. Afterwards about eighty or ninety Rosarians joined us for a nice breakfast, traditionally provided by Pat Kolb’s crew. We were all beguiled and charmed by so many details of the day. There were the colorful and quite original new Confraternity medals, the three unique and precious prizes for the raffle (thanks to the Arlinghaus family, Ben Morgan and Les Pomerville, the donors) and then a new and original speaker, Justin Soeder, with his interesting tale of coming to the traditional Catholic Faith and St. Gertrude the Great. Oh, and don’t forget the blessed roses!

Towards the end of the proceedings, Rosarian Jean Bischel issued a challenge to us all to double the usual forty/fifty some attendance for the final Fatima Rosary Procession for Peace this Thursday, October 13th. This is in view of how high the stakes have mounted in an election year, and as we face so much in the Church. Are you up to it? See you Thursday evening at 7:15!

Also on the Rosary Sunday weekend, Bishop Sanborn made a quick trip to Italy to assist at the ordination of the latest priest of the Institute of the Mother of Good Counsel, Fr. Charbel Madi. Fr. Madi is a Frenchman from a Lebanese family, and was ordained by Bishop Stuyver on October 1 at Verrua Savoia. This is a happy development, as is the growth of true Catholics in Italy, young people and families, which Bishop Sanborn noticed.

His Excellency also reported that the leader of the Pius X Society is quite enamored of Bergoglio, calling him “a friend of tradition.” The Society even goes so far in Italy as to send their engaged couples to the Novus Ordo to be married. They are told to return only for the Mass, their John XXIII version, of course. Hmmm…. Wonder how that would go over in Walton?

Happy Columbus Day weekend to all of you who are not yet politically correct. Our school children have the traditional holiday tomorrow. I saw that the goofs on Cincinnati City Council, fresh from the stunning streetcar boondoggle, passed some sort of a resolution to rename the holiday “Native American Day.” Indians are truly an aggrieved, persecuted people at the hands of the American government, but nothing can diminish the glory of Columbus’ discovery of America, for Cross and Crown and the Salvation of Souls.

Do be thinking about Forty Hours, already opening next Friday evening with Mass and Procession and our traditional Harvest Chili Supper. Plan to be with us, and set aside some time to adore the Blessed Sacrament, and beg the Good Lord to spare us, and draw many souls to Himself.

Fr. Cekada saw the doctor last week, who pronounced him quite fit in view of his upcoming surgery, scheduled for November 10. We were all happy to see him on the altar again for Rosary Sunday.

Our Rosary weekend joy was increased by both a wedding and a baptism. On First Saturday Philip Brockman and his bride came up from Florida (oh, do remember that state in the storm!) to be married at St. Gertrude. On Monday Fr. Lehtoranta baptized little Amelia Chabot, whose parents moved to Cincinnati a couple of years ago from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Our Florida vocations, Thomas and Brendan, seem to be doing well. We hope they ride out safely any storms that come their way. This week Gloria and Richard Zbilicki return to New York, after seven years and many adventures in our midst. We thank them for all of their help in so many ways, and wish them well and a sincere Bon Voyage as they depart for “the island.”
The angels guide and protect us all!

—Bishop Dolan