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Pentecost XXII

Here are some photos from an Early Fall Sunday:

The Sun Rises above our Lady and Child.

Lourdes Grotto
Our Lourdes Grotto

Our outdoor Fatima Shrine

Our cloister garden, with its waning blooms.
Our cloister garden, with its waning blooms.

Our Rosary Shrine for October
Our Rosary Shrine for October

Food being sold at our Fall Bake Sale
Food being sold at our Fall Bake Sale

Socializing After Mass Socializing After Mass


Daily Sermons
October 7 – Bp. Dolan – The Rosary: Weapon and Way
October 11 – Bp. Dolan – Mary the Dawn
October 12 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Emeric, Naval Explorers and America
October 13 – Bp. Dolan – St. Edward – Fatima Saint
October 14 – Bp. Dolan – St. Callistus – Always Get Up

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
The other day several of you asked whether one could vote in good conscience for Trump, given all of the character accusations again him. He certainly is a character. The answer is yes. As a matter of fact, our leaders have always been deeply flawed characters. Only the media used to hide it. Now, selective revelation is used to get those selected for attack. But I feel sorry for those who are only exposed to the standard propaganda from deep state. You have to dig a little, you have to even read a little, but you can still get at some approximation of the truth. It’s worth your effort.

Trump is no worse than many a politician, president, or national leader of the past, now “canonized” perhaps or with his own holiday. The curious thing is that the more he is attacked the more he blurts out bits of the truth. Bring it on! Were he elected, he may just appoint some good Supreme Court justices, and more.

In any case, Trump seems uniquely qualified to destroy at least some of the now entrenched one world, leftist deep state, with its open borders, unceasing propaganda and perpetual wars. This includes war against Catholicism, we now know, as well as against babies and so much more. How curious that perhaps a pagan could be the man of the hour.

Finally, you might consider those unspeakable characters of proven immorality who are so bitterly waging war against this man. We know their agenda. They are worried. We should be, too! They are working hard to win. Does truth still stand a chance? Personally, I doubt we will ever have another chance. I have never seen such brazen propaganda. Who can resist its pull?

But how excellent that all of this is going on in October, month of the Rosary and of Angels and of Forty Hours. Pray for guidance, pray for deliverance for our country and church, both pretty much swallowed up by the new world order. God bless the sweet innocent children who pray in our name all week long. God bless the men of the Guard of Honor, who will pray again this Friday all night long, their ranks swelled by some valiant women and the good Sisters. What a motivation for any one of us to do something extra for Forty Hours. It is the prayer for public crises and times of affliction.

I don’t think we got our one hundred for the final Fatima Rosary Procession on Thursday night, but I think we may have come close. Somebody counted eighty-five. Some regulars could not make it, but many of you came for the first time, and from far away! I was especially touched to see some fathers of families who came alone, but doubtless representing the rest at home. Fr. Lehtoranta remarked it was certainly the least fatiguing of the processions in the cool October air, lighted by a full moon and our blue candles. It was a beautiful scene. May we meet again in May.

Fr. McGuire usually spends most of his week visiting the sick, but was in the sick bay himself last week, with painful kidney stones. As if that were not bad enough, both of his parents were hospitalized as well. Please do keep Father and his devoted family in your prayers.

Prayers were certainly efficacious for two people I know. They were told they had cancer. We prayed and finally they did not. One of them has been attending extra Masses to give thanks, which is a beautiful thought. She also reports having a serious car accident which totaled the vehicle but left her unscathed. More thanks. She was touched by the kindness of the policeman who drove her to the hospital. His name was Gabriel, and he told her his parents had named him for the Archangel!

It’s a little early for Thanksgiving but we all have so much to be thankful for, even as we ask for more. Well, do your church Thanksgiving next weekend with us for Forty Hours. Three days of beautiful Masses, two touching processions, and forty hours of quiet adoration which enable us to whisper our oft forgotten “thank you!” The Holy Eucharist means thanksgiving. Let’s celebrate early.

I must leave off these elevated thoughts because Puccini just vomited on the rug, and I have better clean it up before it sets. Prelates, like parents and priests, do a lot of quiet, behind the scenes clean ups, don’t they? Let’s work together, shall we? So much to be thankful for…

See you Friday evening!

—Bishop Dolan

Bp. Sanborn, on Bp. Williamson and Sedevacantism