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Epiphany III

The Traditional Latin Mass, unlike the Novus Ordo, inspires young children to “Play Mass”. Many of our school-age children have their own vestments and other items necessary for “Mass”. In the photo album above (click the photo), “Bp. Dominic” celebrates a Pontifical High Mass.

Fr. Cekada announces the schedule of movable feasts, on Epiphany, 2017.

Daily Sermons
January 10 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Mary Clare Meyer of Cincinnati
January 11 – Bp. Dolan – A Star Saint
January 12 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Have Fun with Jesus and Mary
January 13 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Learn to Love Innocence and Peace
January 14 – Bp. Dolan – Reading is the Key

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Today is surely a happy, hopeful one for our land. But it is also an infinitely sad one, January 22. For how many crimes, how many infant murders must our country answer? Well, the answer for us is to combine our prayers of petition with those of reparation this day. Keep this St. Pius X’s Chair of Unity Octave, and pray for the conversion of America. Come to Rosary and Benediction this afternoon.

Curious weather. Spring seems to have sprung, just when the cruelest coldest winter generally strikes, fittingly enough around the 22nd of January. May the warm up symbolize a warm up of American hearts and spirits, a long awaited thaw of the frozen hearts of so many moderns, cold to life, innocent life, and the Author of Life and His law.

Last Sunday started out sparse, as the weather Nazis had been terrorizing people since the preceding Wednesday. Some people decided to sit out long distance the Missouri Ice Storm. Those who had some ice, up north, actually came, but carefully. Still, by the end of the day we had a pretty much standard attendance.

Raccoon attendance continues decidedly down. Things are quiet in church. Maybe it was the boarded up grate, but the beasts seem to have moved on. But vigilance is the price of liberty. Gino says that if raccoons want in, they’ll find a way. Many thanks for your help in blocking the way.

Fr. Cekada is our most welcome “guest preacher” today, after an absence of almost a year. Father continues to improve and adjust, and has taken up most of his old routine. His oncologist told him that he had not one, but two angels with him in the operating room this past November. One angel took care of his original tumor which was shrunk and did not spread. The second attended to a second cancer, which had gone quite undetected in his prostate, despite all of the tests. It was growing, but now is no more. Thanks be to God and all of your good prayers, novenas, Masses and Rosaries. God reward you.

I do ask your prayers for the annual seminarians’ retreat which starts this afternoon. Its theme is the Curé of Ars, especially in his seminary years. Holy priests are everything for the salvation of souls, so pray for our seminarians and their priest professors. This morning Bishop Sanborn invited me to celebrate a Pontifical High Mass at the Seminary and preach. I am due to return Friday evening.

Bishop Sanborn had an extensive visit “down under” over the Christmas holidays, and was most impressed with the faith and sacrificing fervor of our Australian Catholics. It is summer in the Antipodes, and many faithful took their vacation so as to assist at the Bishop’s Masses and conferences. A visit like this is a good shot in the arm for otherwise isolated Catholics. The voices of confusion and compromise are many, and must be met with Catholic truth. But always a price. So long a trip, and the lingering jet lag!

Fr. Lehtoranta had a hard time getting home from Louisiana last Sunday, arriving only Tuesday evening. There was weather in Texas, and problems multiplied, so he spent many hours in airports and motels. Meanwhile, he was missed in the classroom. The rumor went around second grade that Fr. Lehtoranta was in Russia, probably started by elementary hackers. Fr. Cekada took the little scholars to the globe, and showed them the difference between Louisiana and Russia. Finally the discussion segued from pilots to pirates, and took a colorful turn, finishing back in Texas. Austin volunteered that Austin was the state capital. An interesting visit.

Pray with us today, and the remaining days of our Chair of Unity Octave, won’t you?

I send a far away blessing,

—Bishop Dolan