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Epiphany IV

The Traditional Latin Mass, unlike the Novus Ordo, inspires young children to “Play Mass”. Many of our school-age children have their own vestments and other items necessary for “Mass”. In the photo album above (click the photo), “Bp. Dominic” celebrates a Pontifical High Mass.

Fr. Cekada announces the schedule of movable feasts, on Epiphany, 2017.

Daily Sermons
January 23 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Be an Example of a Good Cathlic
January 24 – Fr. McGuire – St. Timothy & Spiritual Reading
January 25 – Fr. McKenna – Conversion of St. Paul: Rock Solid Faith
January 26 – Fr. Lehtoranta – How Catholics Look at Death
January 27 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. John Chrysostom and how to Serve God

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
It’s been awhile since we kept the feast of St. Francis de Sales on a Sunday. He is the patron saint of Cincinnati, the missionary who converted thousands of Protestants, as well as the writer and preacher who showed lay people that holiness was for them, too. Since then we have a beautiful statue of the good bish-op of Geneva to remind us of these causes, and more. Oh, don’t forget he protects writers as well.

Changeable weather for us this past week. The cats were quite sure Summer had come, but alas. The same thing in Florida. Hot and humid to chilly sun-shine. Fat Cat, the seminary feline whose given name is Stanislaus, ventures out a bit between meals, but nothing like our two, who are real Bergoglio cats, always hitting the peripheries, plotting, planning and attacking. But Stanislaus does keep the seminarians in line, prowling about like a big old lion who owns the place.

It was a good retreat I think. We looked at the Curé of Ars as a young man and a seminarian in revolutionary France. We have his statue, too, thanks to Richard and Elizabeth Smith. It was as well a time of great church confusion. Priests said the Latin Mass, but with sworn loyalty to the Revolution. Like today. True Catholics had Mass in their homes from itinerant priests, who refused to compromise. The future Curé of Ars was trained by one such faithful priest. He had many sufferings, but made it to the altar. Fr. Saavedra and Fr. Fleiss joined us for the retreat.

A real cause of pride and joy was Friday’s Pro-Life March in Washington. By God’s grace, and after how many years, we seem to be getting somewhere. Imagine the Vice President giving a speech. Keep up your prayers for this crucial cause. It’s the prayers more than anything else which have given our country an-other chance.

I hope you’ve marked Thursday on your calendar, and will come for Candlemas, and the Winter Soup Supper. The church glistens with golden candle-light, as we anticipate already Holy Week and Easter. This Mass is always an attractive one for little ones. Don’t deprive them of it. The soup supper is always delicious, and so much fun. Hope to see you there.

The next day is St. Blaise and the Blessing of Throats, as well as First Friday. Two more reasons for church! Don’t forget All Night Adoration, or First Saturday.

Easter is late this year, so we have all of February for Lenten planning. I’d be grateful for any suggestions about times or services. Not that many keep even the old Friday evening tradition of Lenten Stations, much less our church suppers and recollections. What would work for you?

God keeps on raising vocations from all over the world. Bishop Sanborn has a full house. There’s a Philippino from Canada, a Flemish lad from Belgium, two Frenchmen, two Louisianians (“talk about!” and some Americans, including one from Cincinnati, Ohio! Pray for vocations, and do support our seminary, which is also becoming a missionary center.

Let us follow the spirit of St. Francis de Sales in spreading our Faith with a kindly word and a logical argument, just as Fr. Cekada urged us last Sunday. Welcome back to the pulpit, Father!

I send a blessing,

—Bishop Dolan