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Lent II

Our Lady of Fatima, on a crisp Sunday morning before Mass

Daily Sermons
March 6 – Bp. Dolan – What Kind of an Animal?
March 7 – Fr. McKenna – Our St. Thomas Aquinas
March 8 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Do You Want Palm Sunday or Good Friday?
March 9 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Comic Irony of a Fish Sandwich
March 10 – Bp. Dolan – 38 and 2

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Mercurial March came in like a lion, but is behaving itself in its own whimsical way. Our traditional March weather last week—cold, blustery but sunny—was a comfort after our unusual winter. The days are now doubly longer. Did you remember? Katie says the days of this Lent are passing so quickly by. She is correct. Jesus is passing by. Remember like the blind man at Jericho to cry out to Him to have mercy on you, as He passes by.

The cats are working double shifts in the face of all this new life in their territory. Robins are courting, and last week I saw a couple getting to know each other on top of St. Michael the Archangel. I spied what looked like a baby skunk out on the lawn the other night. I hope Caravaggio didn’t see it. He’s a brave cat, but somewhat imprudent around skunks. Ah, Spring!

We’re hoping to see lots of your children for the recollection day on Wednesday. There are talks, and Mass and Rosary and lunch, and some wonderful Sorrowful Mother Stations. I’ve got a nice story for the little ones. And we end with Benediction. Just once a year, okay?

But I was delighted to learn that our own school children are memorizing the meanings of the months of the year, their devotions, and some of the feast day dates of the major saints. Children have a facility for memorizing. If they are to learn secular subjects for this life, shouldn’t they learn sacred subjects for eternal life? The whole idea of a Catholic approach to life and education is not to separate and narrow the field of religion, but to see everything in its light. The more we learn of what is lasting, everlasting, the better! Know your devotions, know your saints.

Our first short Stations went well last Sunday. I was gratified to see so many adults as well as children in attendance, and the Sisters helping. What would Lent be without the Way of the Cross? Remember this Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, has an early Mass and Stations at 5 PM. But do try for the beautiful Solemn Mass and Benediction at 11:20.

More names than ever before have come in for the Sorrow-ful Mother Novena, even from Michigan and Louisiana. We never forget our sick, I hope. Becky Mattingly made it to Mass on Thursday for her name day, St. Frances. Viola Ripperger is recovering from a fall, and Angela is still AWOL. Joan Landry needs prayers to make it to Mass again. Fr. Gerald Kasik of Idaho is recovering from his cancer treatment, and receiving rehabilitation so that he can walk again. Son Chris has Vic Ritze attending Immaculate Conception now, but he misses us and sends his best.

Fr. Cekada had a good seminary visit last week, and his trip went smoothly. In the meantime, he has produced another video, to defend the papacy and the infallible Teaching Church from the attack of anti-sedevacantists. Fr. Desposito, who is an expert in these matters, taught him a trick or two about the technical side of video production. It’s a great way to get the message out to the moderns, in just a few minutes. Check out proudly Fr. Cekada’s many YouTube offerings. He’s just gotten together a little studio in the rectory basement. I’m calling it “Cekadawood.”

But don’t live your life in virtual reality. Unplug. Pray. Meditate. Make Mass and Stations during the week. God bless you all week long!
—Bishop Dolan