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Easter Sunday

Young Adult Get-Together

This summer, we are hosting a young adult get-together. We hope to draw Traditional Catholics from across the country. Visit our event website for more information.
YAG Cincinnati Website


Fr. McKenna chants the Exsultet during the Easter Vigil

Bp. Dolan Blesses the Baptismal Font

The altar, as decorated for Laetare Sunday.

The altar, as on Passion Sunday

The altar, as on Palm Sunday

Our Altar of Repose

And Finally, Our Easter Altar

Daily Sermons
April 7 – Bp. Dolan – The Apple & The Heart
April 10 – Fr. McGuire – If You Believe, Then Act
April 11 – Bp. Dolan – Linen
April 13 – Bp. Dolan – The Sacrament of Mary
April 15 – Bp. Dolan – Holy Saturday

I’m writing this “corner” (sometimes it gets so big…you should see the rest of the room!) on a picture perfect Spy Wednesday. I am grateful for the weather, the grounds, the green and the flowers. And that’s just outside! Inside our church is a hub of activity, as we prepare for the Triduum, the great days of our salvation. Helpers, singers, servers and cooks are coming and going. The young ladies have done a lovely job on the Al-tar of Repose. We even managed an “extra” High Mass this morning. God blesses us richly at St. Gertrude the Great.

May Our Lord bless you, body, soul and family, with every grace this glorious Easter Day. You are remembered in our grateful prayers and Masses. I hope that all of you who have given so much will reap the fruits of your labors, a foretaste of Heaven this Resurrection Day. Happy Easter.

Palm Sunday’s Procession was the very picture of peace and calm. Beauty the donkey set the tone for the ceremony with her stately presence. Oh, Clare and young Billy IV were frolicking on the path, but children will, and I think they added a welcome touch. Imagine the sheer exuberance and joy of the Children of the He-brews that first Palm Sunday. All went very well indeed for ours. We could hear the angels clearly in the Spring sunshine, as we sang with them in front of the Gates of Heaven. The music and the ceremonies were most touching. Good attendance as well.

Thanks to Beverly and Charlie Henry for all of their cooking this Lent. Along with Nathalie Andreotta, they brought the final Lenten dinner, which was well attend-ed indeed. Some even came from Columbus. Thanks to all of our Cucina Clerical cooks.

Welcome to our Holy Week visitors. We had a couple from Canada the other day, and Chris Browne is always good about coming all the way from the Quad Cities. Fr. Lehtoranta is the visiting celebrant in Milwaukee, and he always gives an interesting report. It took him all day to get to St. Hugh, the Chicago airport being closed for weather. At least no one dragged him off the airplane. Fr. Nkamuke hopes to visit all three of his principal missions for Easter, if his money holds out, for this entails an airplane ticket. The Nigerians are blessed with a most devoted priest.

Puccini’s not much for airplane travel, but he did climb up to the church roof the other night after dinner. He was mewing and peeking over the parapet. Fr. McKenna thought he was in trouble, and went for a ladder. When he climbed up, Puccini just played the frolicsome feline, and declined all offers of help. Soon enough he (the cat, not the priest) materialized at my door, ready for his supper. If our choir sang for their supper, they would feast. The Tenebrae was sublime. Fr. Cekada was pleased as punch.

Thus far the early Easter report. Enjoy this day with dear friends and family. The Fathers join me in extending Easter greetings to you all.

– Bishop Dolan