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Solemnity of Corpus Christi

Young Adult Get-Together

This summer, we are hosting a young adult get-together. We hope to draw Traditional Catholics from across the country. Visit our event website for more information.
YAG Cincinnati Website

Congratulations Graduates!

Daily Sermons
June 5 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Holy Ghost and the Soul of the Church
June 6 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The End of the School Year
June 8 – Bp. Dolan – Masses of Long Lessons
June 15 – Fr. Nkamuke – Corpus Christi
June 16 – Bp. Dolan – A Contrast Between Heat & Cold

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Trinity Sunday marked a significant milestone in the history of St. Gertrude the Great School with one of the largest graduations in our thirty some year history. We congratulate our five eighth graders who will begin High School with us in the Fall, and especially our three graduating High School Seniors. Their Graduation Mass was a magnificent homage to the Holy Trinity, and an appropriate send off which led into an elegant reception, and many happy congratulations and pictures.

Next, we prepared for Corpus Christi in the midst of a real Cincinnati Summer, hot and humid. The air conditioning—of course—conked out, and left us like the Three Young Men in the Fiery Furnace. In Ember Saturday’s Fifth Lesson we read about the Angel of the Lord driving out the flames of the fiery furnace, and making it like wind bringing dew. All in God’s good time. (We hope it will soon be repaired.) In the meantime we certainly can help the Holy Souls. They say that our fire on earth is like just a picture of fire compared to Purgatory’s severe flames.

May the flames of God’s Love burn brighter still. The Corpus Christi altar is beautiful. The Solemn Mass on Thursday before the Blessed Sacrament Exposed was so quiet and sublimely spiritual, with all of the stately movements of the Sacred Ministers, the many genuflections before the Monstrance Throne, and the beautifully sung chant of St. Thomas Aquinas. Fr. Nkamuke was our celebrant. I was surprised really, and edified at how many of you remembered and came to the feast that morning. The same for Benediction and a late 5 PM Mass. In the old days in America, except in ethnic parishes, Corpus Christi was the forgotten feast. But we here heed Our Lord’s Last Supper plea: “Remember me!”

Today’s procession serves as a “grande finale” for Corpus Christi and the whole season, really, ever since last September. Deo Gratias. But there are daily opportunities still for adoration and Benediction all this week, as we conclude the octave. This week also we begin an-other Summer with our 13 Tuesdays of St. Anthony. The first will be offered before the Blessed Sacrament Exposed, which St. Anthony would like. This Summer we will have three Masses, if possible, each Tuesday, all with the Summer Novena: 8 and 11:20 AM, and 5 PM.

Fr. McGuire has a Dutch bunny named “Dog” (don’t ask!) which needs blessed, and Katie has a real dog which is regularly terrorized by her boisterous cats, and also needs a blessing. How about you? Let us know, and we’ll organize something for the animals.

The feast of the Sacred Heart coincides with St. John’s Eve this Friday, giving you a double reason to at-tend this parish social event of the Summer. Solemn Mass is at 5:45, followed by a parish cloister cookout, and entertainment in Helfta Hall. Towards sunset we’ll set out to bless the bonfire, sing some campfire songs and roast marshmallows. This is a new take on the ancient tradition of sanctifying the shortest night of the year.

It looks to be a busy week. Be with us. This past week, the season now ending, and life itself meet us with crosses and trials, as well as triumphs and precious memories. Our Catholic Faith, its preservation and passing on without modernist compromise, is our most precious achievement of all, regardless of its price. Deo Gratias et Mariae!
I enclose you all in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

– Bishop Dolan