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Pentecost XX

Photos from our Fatima Rosary Procession on October 13:


Daily Sermons
October 13 – Bp. Dolan – Priests to People: Fatima
October 16 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Humility and Greatness of St. Hedwig
October 17 – Bp. Dolan – God Works Very Slowly…..
October 18 – Fr. McKenna – St. Luke and the Love of God Through Art
October 19 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Peter of Alcantara and Custody of the Eyes

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Well, no one can complain of the weather these days. If anything, it’s too nice, so people may be tempted away from adoration in church. But so many of you answered the inspiration to turn out for a beautiful October 13, that I am trusting Our Lady to draw you back for another miracle of the sun. May Jesus in the sun of the monstrance, surrounded by its golden rays, shed light and grace from His altar throne.

If you weren’t able to be with us on the 13th, you missed a memorable rosary chain of blue light against the night sky, led by Our Lady in white but washed in blue. The Hail Marys rang out loud and true. The line of the devout went on and on. God bless your devotion, and hear our prayers again these Forty Hours. The time is short, our needs are many.

On a more natural note, we have been taking care of some repair/replacement projects which have come due, or have long been delayed. A small crew has been working on one of the roof leaks, right over the vestibule. It seems there are some new techniques available, and the lower price of oil somehow now facilitates things. The parking lot asphalt repair has been scheduled, finally, for next month. 3 ½ heating/air conditioning units have been replaced and seem at last to be functioning well.

How Fr. Cekada manages to pay for all of this remains a mystery to me, for like the Hebrews, he is always making bricks without straw. But I do know that more bills will be coming in, and more work needs done. Many of you, when you do come, con-tribute nothing, not even a token amount. How’s about it? If not for justice sake, at least for charity. Contribute your fair share to your church each week or each month. You know God will reward or punish you accordingly. As with forgiveness, we get to write our own ticket.

Goodness, generosity, are their own reward. But when done for love of God, the merit is tremendous. You see and hear about you in church today—and every Sunday—the fruit of great love and devotion for Jesus Our King and Mary Our Queen. Such beauty, such care! Will you alone come without a gift? God is never outdone in generosity but men are always outdoing each other in cold-hearted cheapness, whether in support or service. “Freely you have received. Freely give.”

Have your own miracle of the sun today. Let a ray of God’s grace touch you, melt you, remake you. God bless you. See you this afternoon for adoration, this evening for closing ceremonies.
– Bishop Dolan

P.S. Oh yes, Caravaggio. He came bounding in the other evening with his “special needs” meow, and deposited a freshly slain baby mouse in my room. I picked him up to dissuade him from his nighttime snack, but as I did so he swallowed his mouse meal in three gulps. And this from a cat who shies away from solid food.