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Epiphany III

Our Altar Servers pray together after Mass.

A ray of sunlight illuminates the incense on this very cold morning, while Fr. McGuire offers the first High Mass of the new year.

Daily Sermons
January 11 – Fr. McKenna – Two Saints & Three Gifts
January 16 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Marcellus and Doing the Will of God
January 17 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Anthony of Egypt and the Increasing Love of God
January 18 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Roman Catholic Church
January 19 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Canute, A Model King and a Model Catholic

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I’m sure we’re all grateful for this second January thaw, a real “Spring Break” for Winter weary northerners. The Cardinals were out this morning, and I’m sure the cats will follow suit. The snow was beautiful, and unexpectedly abundant but, let’s get back to “global warming.”

The cats are like kids at a cold pool when it comes to going out in the freezing weather. Very cautious. They think long and hard at the open door, and have to be encouraged and even cajoled to complete their exit. Puccini, in his prudence, is like Noah’s dove, ready to return if he finds no resting place. But I suspect the cats have an alternate family, or at least a warm shelter waiting for them at the trailer park down the hill. Once he manages to exit, Caravaggio makes for the next warm spot. But they will be on the bunny trail soon, earning their keep. Curiously enough, Fr. McGuire keeps a bunny for a pet, but we’re not telling the cats.

This week I’m enjoying a bit of warm weather myself at the seminary retreat. Fr. Cekada, cough and all, returned Friday, and I left Saturday. This year’s theme is The Spiritual Doctrine of St. Therese. The McFathers will be joining the seminarians. Frs. Cekada and Lehtoranta will be holding the West Chester fort, and seem to have an abundance of apostolic activities scheduled. Please pray for a good week for everyone, and God’s blessings on our eight seminarians.

The Abbé Dutertre, who visited us in September, will be ordained this Spring in Italy, and an American, Mr. Caleb Sons, will take the step of the subdiaconate next month. Of course, remember bishop elect Joseph Selway as his consecration approaches. God give us priests, and holy priests.

We honor the memory of another one of our dear “founding mothers,” Wilma Schappacher, who was called into eternity this past Thursday. It would be difficult to exaggerate her contributions to the founding of St. Gertrude the Great, and later St. Clare in Columbus, where she and her husband Stanley served as coordinators for a number of years. Wilma was our first choir director, and served as cook for our first retreats and boys’ camps at the Schappacher dairy farm. May God reward her charitable, generous faith and the untiring zeal of those early years. We owe her so much. May she rest now in peace.

It is for us the living to carry on this wonderful heritage. Or, as my grandmother used to say, “No rest for the wicked.” So let us work on. As I write this Marlys Arlinghaus and daughters are back to finish the new shelving in the Gift Shop. Check it out. Steve Weigand was here the other day with an electrician to see about the emergency lights and the nave statue project. We’ll soon have to make an appeal for all of you to help take down the Christmas decorations on First Saturday, February 3. Oh, and don’t forget the Candlemas soup sup-per.

Would you like to be updated on church happen-ings, cancellations, and receive Fr. Cekada’s witty re-minders? Send us your email for Fr. Cekada’s list at sgg.org. If you’d like to pray for the intentions on our Rosary Chain, let us know this as well. It’s a charitable thing, and a good way to stay in touch as well as to help. Last of all, if you’d like to receive Fr. Lehtoranta’s interesting and very well done newsletter, email him at fr.lehtoranta@yandex.com to request it.

We continue our Chair of Unity Octave this week, and tomorrow pray for the conversion of our own country and an end to the unspeakable crime of abortion. Mass of the Holy Innocents at 11:25 is for Katie’s Month’s Mind. The prolife Holy Hour and Benediction is at 2:30 PM. Friday it’s time to begin our second seasonal novena, Our Lady of Sorrows. Send us the names of your sick for whom to pray, and bring them to be blessed.

Stay warm and healthy, stay holy and happy. Stay with Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
– Bishop Dolan