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Within the Octave of the Sacred Heart – Pentecost III

Outdoor Benediction for Corpus Christi

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I’m writing my “corner” on the feast of the Sacred Heart. As is traditional, we start with the weather. It was nasty during the 7:30 last Sunday, but prayers were heard and out came the sun for the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, First Communion, and the Procession. We are grateful for the chance publicly to show our gratitude, and show our little ones our beautiful Catholic traditions, which help us all express our Faith, to keep it and pass it on.

We had visitors from Powers Lake, ND, for the weekend, once practically the capital of traditional Catholicism in our country. I was glad that we had a perfect June day—so rare—for them on Monday, as I gave this nice young family the tour. Cool mornings blessed us most of the week, but the sanctuary was Daniel’s fiery furnace by the late afternoon.

God bless the children of the school who sing such an extensive repertoire for the so beautiful daily High Masses during the year. Really most impressive what can be done with a good teacher, daily sung Mass, and an enthusiastic group of children. The school is recessed for the Summer, but we look forward to September.

As we continued the week of Corpus Christi with its High masses before the Blessed Sacrament Exposed, we honored Germany’s apostle, but really for Europe, St. Boniface. He was actually English, a monk missionary who wanted to convert his cousins on the continent, pagan or almost so. St. Boniface’s people had first been brought to the Faith by another monk, the Italian St. Augustine. It is always thus.

Some neo-novus ordos rejoiced recently to think the Vatican forbade Communion for non-Catholic spouses in Germany. But this is already permitted in principle by “John Paul the Great.” The Germans, who tend to be blunt and direct, wanted to make it the regular practice by law. The Argentine antichrist, subtle and sneaky, prefers to promote his revolution indirectly rather than openly. But the end result is the same. In this case, it is intercommunion of Catholics and Protestants. They both can share the bread.

You may wonder when all of this will come to the St. Pius X Society in Walton. There’s already a heretic in the Canon, and the heresy of evolution preached from the pulpit. Oh, and don’t forget the hamburgers each Friday. They’ve also lost a Holy Day—Ascension Thursday, but they’ve gained another bishop, the Novus Ordo one who came by for a visit this year. A conservative, says Bishop Sanborn, is only a liberal who changes more slowly. Somebody check on the frogs. Is the water boiling yet? It’s all a matter of time or strategy. Except that you’re not supposed to say anything. But who will cry out for lost souls?

Let us pray for them all, including good but confused clergy who still hold one can attend “una cum” Masses. But the practical fruit of attending such Masses, both scandalous and sacrilegious, is to fall away from the Faith. It is one more occasion of sin. The old Kentucky saying is “Besides, it don’t make no difference.” Our answer? Hashtag #It matters.

Jacinta planted some impatiens for me the other day, which the “Italian cats” helpfully dug up overnight. I was out early this morning to try again. A parable of the spiritual life! Maybe Puccini has the prophetical spirit. I’ll try to squelch it under some mulch. The cats are on Summer schedule now, leaving the rabbits mostly alone and perching safely on the trellis, watching for coyotes. A coyote visited the McFathers the other evening at dusk, but it didn’t stick around. They must have spooked it. Hmm…

When you travel this summer, try to find a good Mass, or just stay where you are and pray. Before you go, be sure to ask a priest for “the traveller’s blessing,” a fine custom. Some of our faithful are on the road now. We pray for a wonderful, safe and refreshing trip for them.

But if you’re here… Don’t forget St. Anthony’s Day on Wednesday, and the evening Rosary procession, Fatima 101 now. Be sure to turn in your Father’s Day envelope. Remember, too, that June is the Sacred Heart month. He is here in the tabernacle, “awaiting, calling and welcoming” all who come to visit Him, to offer Him to His Father at Mass, to receive Him.

The Sacred Heart keep your own in His love.
– Bishop Dolan