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Pentecost IV

Outdoor Benediction for Corpus Christi

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
As fatherhood is under such bold and unrelenting attack in our country, and from our own rulers, it’s a comfort to remember that the happy inspiration for Father’s Day is American, and came from Spokane, Washington. Happy Father’s Day. Observe it with real piety.

That piety was in evidence last Wednesday as we observed St. Anthony of Padua and the second of our Fatima Rosary Processions. We’re praying for America, we’re praying for the world. I wondered what Our Lady had in store for us, what with the stormy skies last week. Well, the rain held off, and eventually came a refreshing breeze. The picturesque Canadian geese, however, provided plenty of penance as we sixty some faithful picked our way along the soiled sidewalks. It’s symbolic. Everything’s symbolic. This must be what the French mean when they say that all is grace.

Thank you for your generous response to my appeal for Mass intentions, as well as for vestment donors. God reward you. Now, I have a big one. We’ve brought it to Our Lady in prayer, but I should let you know as well, certainly for your prayers, but perhaps for practical help as well.

Sr. Jeanne Marie has decided to return to Illinois to be near her family. Arrangements are being made for a nursing home. The convent, which she so generously purchased for the sisters, is in her name and is being sold. By law, all of Sister’s assets go to the state which then assumes the cost of her care. We will miss Sister’s bright and smiling presence in our midst, but she has been so sick for so long. Life has not been easy for her. We wish her the best in her new home.

But this leaves two sisters homeless, the remaining community of Our Lady of Reparation. Does anyone have any housing available? It’s a big request, but I thought I would mention it. They may need a car as well. They hope to stay in the area, and continue their life of prayer and apostolate, and may be looking for part time work in the short term. Let me know if you can help. We can all help with our prayers. Storm heaven.

Prayers are heard of course. Our Lord is a loving Father, “who hath care of us.” Fr. Eldracher wrote the other day to say that things are looking up for the Australian mission, and that he hopes to be able to return there this summer, with things on a much firmer footing.

Speaking of footing, have you ever square danced? Our young adults are sponsoring one at church on Saturday evening, after our traditional St. John’s Eve picnic, and before the bonfire. We haven’t had a square dance for years, and I hope for a good attendance and fun for all, all evening long.

The Young Adult Get-together is set for next weekend. Pray for its success. Already one couple from last year’s revival are ringing wedding bells. We’re so happy to host this very important event again this year, and wish them a wonderful time, and maybe more.

St. Anthony’s Tuesdays, the Summer Novena, starts this week after all Masses. Oh, and don’t forget the Girls’ Camp the following week.

I thought I’d mention, last of all, some church etiquette tips. Manners are important, especially in the House of God. If you come into church, or out of the confessional, while the sermon is being given, take the nearest available seat until it’s over, rather than disturbing everyone to get back to your original pew. The same rule holds for the Consecration, or the blessing at Benediction. Kneel if possible, and stay put.

When leaving the pew for Communion, do not lift the kneeler with your feet and smash it against the pew: “a nuclear slam,” Fr. Cekada calls it. Sit for a moment, and use your hand, quietly. Try to be extra quiet if you’re seated by the pulpit during the sermon. Don’t rifle pages, write checks, or fuss, as it is distracting. I’m happy to report we pretty much have the baby rules down. Our St. Gertrude babies are tops! Don’t forget we keep a classroom open—Holy Innocents—for nursing mothers.

Thanks for understanding, and God bless our fathers on this day.
– Bishop Dolan

P.S. Thanks to the Sisters for the fine gold leaf on St. Joseph’s altar, finished in time for Father’s Day.