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Pentecost X

In July this year, we are asking for donations for two very important causes:

The first is for our Nigerian Apostolate. Donate Here!

The second is for the Sisters of Our Lady of Reparation, who must move out of their house soon. Donate Here!

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
July ends come Tuesday, but for those who follow the old calendar, August comes with the consolation of a whole month more of Summer. The latest style is to advance the school year a little bit each year. In some places August 8 summons the public school students to resume their training as state slaves and faithful consumerists. Poor children.

We are thankful for the fine and even pleasant weather of late which favored our boy campers in their activities last week. 35 or so boys attended, and even from Wisconsin, and far away Ontario, Canada. A number of fathers helped the McFathers all the way through. They were left looking somewhat the worse for wear, but I think the boys could have carried on praying and playing and learning (for so they do) much longer. We were edified by the courtesy and kindness of the boys. Good training.

Morning prayers, followed by High Mass and sermon started each day, which included Rosary as well, and night prayers. Too much? Too long? One of the Fathers asked this especially in connection with the sermons. I don’t think so. Children tend to live in the moment, and besides most of ours are hearty soldiers of Christ, trained Gertrudians. It’s the adults who look at their watches, and worry that it really is time to be moving on; not the little ones. Of course eventually the children may pick up this bad habit but it’s learned from the elders. I’ll always remember our First and Second Graders, under Miss Patton’s watchful eye, quietly following each year the long Blessing of the Oils on Holy Thursday morning, with nary a peep. “A little child shall lead them.”

The Tuesday Summer Novena is working out really very well this year, with little groups, including children, gathered around the altar for each Mass and Novena. This week’s feast days and “First” devotions will draw more souls as well, I pray.

Fr. Lehtoranta is back from his vacation, rested and raring to go. His latest project is a picture Mass book for toothy toddlers, printed on thick cardboard, so the little ones can taste as well as see that the Lord is sweet. This would be a wonderful addition to any Catholic family library, a perfect prayer book for the littlest ones. Remember, children learn so much while they are still so little. Help them.

I often stop to chat at our exclusive “Coffee Club” table in Helfta Hall after the 7:30 on Sundays. Last week one of the charter members asked me about why we have so many different traditional chapels here in Cincinnati. Well, that’s a big question which would require gallons of coffee and dozens of donuts to get through. So much history, so many splits and disagreements over the years. Politics I used to say, and personalities, and power plays, and the odd psychosis thrown in explain much.

But it’s also the Tower of Babel, God’s will and His punishment or chastisement for our age. We Catholics are only meant to be united around the pope, after all, and there has not been one for sixty some years. But considering that, don’t we Catholics have reason to rejoice? So many groups, but some still do keep the basics, at least. And more chapels mean that more souls have the valid sacraments. Sincere and strong differences remain, of course, but let us thank God, and pray for each other, forgiving the past and asking in turn to be forgiven. Sometimes we need not only to know our history, but also gently to turn the page.

Meanwhile, so many former fellow faithful are being deceived in the schismatic Pius X Society, and led back slowly to the very Conciliar Church they once left. Be sure to read Bishop Sanborn’s newsletter on the basic heresies of Vatican II. I’m excerpting a short summary in the bulletin.

Precious Blood of Jesus, save us!
– Bishop Dolan