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Pentecost XII

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
These are August’s days of Grace, which gently wreathe (regardless of weather) Our Lady’s Assumption, past the clouds, into heavenly glory. The Curé of Ars, St. Lawrence, St. Philomena, and St. Clare direct our gaze these not so lazy days of late Summer Fatimawards. Rosary in hand we will accompany Our Lady and her Rosary Monday evening; Tuesday’s vigil and novena would be excellent of you can make it. But all of us will return to church Wednesday for the most ancient of Mary’s feasts, the Assumption, with first fruits for Heaven’s First Fruits.

Our young Mexican visitors seem to be having a good time. Fr. Villegas’ visit was a brief one, and he is back offering Mass today in Tijuana and hot, hot Mexicali. His August is a busy one. Padre Arnoldo still is leading a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe (wouldn’t that be a good idea?) and a young ladies vocational retreat this month.

Fr. Cekada and the Singing Simpsons both worked with the more musical of our Mexicans to learn some of the basic High Mass chants and hymns. This is a good apostolate as well. Once again, we want to pass our treasures on to the next generation. “Ad majorem Dei gloriam,” all “to the greater glory of God,” as the Jesuits used to say. This is why we sing. Oh, also for very joy in our Faith.

I heard from Fr. Saavedra the other day. He thanks you for the prayers for his mother, and reports he’s doing well in Australia, even though it’s a bit chilly on the other side of the Equator. Fr. Eldracher says that Father has moved all of the chapel furnishings to the new location. Fr. Saavedra is quite the organizer, and an expert at moving. His visit comes at a good time. Meanwhile, Fr. Eldracher is hoping to visit us this week after the Holy Day.

Fr. Lehtoranta drove to Milwaukee for the weekend and the Holy Day. This way he can bring back the much anticipated baby proof board books, to enable not just toddlers but the whole family to learn about Holy Mass.

Fr. McGuire came back from Florida on Friday, only to hit the missions running. Yesterday Father drove to Holy Face Mission in Illinois. Three of their faithful visited us recently to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Today is the patronal feast of our little St. Clare Chapel, and we are so grateful to the senior McGuires for their loyal and generous hospitality to Our Lord. Fr. McKenna will be offering Mass there Wednesday evening for the Holy Day.

Some of our Home Schoolers’ Circle organized a summer outing to Xavier University Library, to see memorabilia from their Fr. Finn collection. Fr. Finn was a talented Jesuit author of children’s mystery books. Later I think they visited and prayed at the graves of Fr. Finn and another Cincinnati treasure, Fr. Lasance. Renee was going to write me a report.

Soon it will be back to school for everyone. The Sisters are organizing a convenient online Sunday Catechism registration. We are putting the finishing touches on plans for another great school year at St. Gertrude the Great. It’s almost time to go back, but our two seminarians have finally returned home for a little well earned rest. We always say “Pray for vocations,” but I think they might have been praying for vacation as well. But I know they were of great help to His Excellency and the Seminary priests.

Many thanks to Gino for cleaning out the Lourdes Grotto fountain and installing a new motor in time for Our Lady’s feast. The old motor burned out for lack of water in the pond at some point. Yipes! Next time we will be more careful.

Meanwhile the cloister garden is looking great, thanks to Bischels. Its fountain also needs filled from time to time. The ensemble is a real delight. But the lawn there is overtaken by crabgrass. I’m wondering if any enterprising individual would be willing to take on this “postage stamp” size bit of lawn? Probably a few applications of something in the Fall, and again in Spring?

Keep the good Sisters in your prayers this week, as they will be busy moving to temporary quarters. The Go Fund Me has stagnated like the pond, and we need to get the motor going again to help our Sisters. We know Our Lady will bring a solution, but she probably wants you to be the means.

Think of it. Our Lady would deign to use you to be her instrument, her means, for many a good work which would otherwise flounder. Can you think of a better Holy Day Resolution?

May Mary, Queen Assumed into Heaven, bless you and yours.

– Bishop Dolan