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Pentecost XIV

✠ From Fr. McGuire ✠
Dear Faithful,
I know how much you look forward to His Excellency’s Bishop’s Corner and getting the news from his missions in Mexico and Argentina—oh yeah, and just how the cats have behaved, or misbehaved, as the case may be. However, since the Bishop is gone you will have to settle for reading my note to you. You’ll get news on the McFathers’ missions; and since I have a rabbit instead of cats, you’ll get a little report on the rabbit. After all, the only thing I can tell you about Puccini and Caravaggio is the obvious, “While the Bishop’s away, the cats (in this case) will play.”

Bee Lutkehaus, a long time parishioner of our church, died last week. She was 99 years old. Although she was losing her memory towards the end she was still able to receive the sacraments devoutly. Do pray for the repose of her soul. She will be missed! At the time of the writing of this letter I am still trying to confirm when the funeral will be, but it looks like it will be set for Monday morning.

Mr. Lotarski, our school principal, is busy with last minute school preparations. The teachers gathered together for their teacher’s meeting to go over the program. This year, we welcome to our teaching staff Miss Florence Lotarski, who will be teaching the kindergarten class. We are all looking forward to another great academic year. What good is done in our little school to develop the minds of the young Even more importantly is what the school and church do to help their spiritual lives to grow. The ultimate goal of all that we do is to teach the children to walk in the ways of God and help them to become worthy of the Beatific Vision.

Fr. McKenna has been taking care of the missions since last weekend and should return this evening. Still a little bit under the weather, he flew down to Cajun Country to offer Mass at Christ the King in place of Fr. Francis Miller. After two morning Masses he made the six hour drive to Dallas for an evening Mass. The next morning he lit out for Cowboy Country, that is, El Paso, to offer Mass in their charming little chapel which was completely built and decorated by one of the faithful who hails from Mexico. Then on he went to the northern missions—Grand Forks, first of all. The souls there are most fervent and are always seeking to grow in their Faith and practice of virtue. What is interesting about this particular group is that they are all young. The oldest there is younger than me! All being taken care of in Grand Forks, Father drove four hours west for Mass in Powers Lake, North Dakota and drove back to Grand Forks in the same night. Now he is in Milwaukee. As you can see, Father does a lot of traveling. I’m very happy that, at least, he looks forward to these trips. Otherwise, it would be quite burdensome.

Many of you have met some of our contingent from the Holy Face Mission in Effingham, Illinois. They now get Mass about twice a month—once on a Saturday and once on a Sunday. This mission has about 20 or 25 souls and has much potential to grow. It seems that every other time I’m there, another new soul wants to start attending Mass and receiving the sacraments. Deo Gratias!

Oh! I almost forgot the bunny news! Yes, I have a rabbit—a Holland lop, to be precise; and yes, her name is Dog…but don’t ask! She does a pretty good job stay-ing out of the way of the cats, but she causes her own sort of mischief. She never is satisfied with her gourmet rabbit food. No, no! She tends to snack on internet cables for dessert whenever she can. I think I’ve had to buy three new internet cables and one pair of ear buds since I got her. Well, I’d say I learned my lesson, and I hope I have. I’ll have to put all cords out of her reach!

We have a few nice feast days this week. Come to an extra Mass or devotion if you can. Remember that it was revealed to St. Gertrude that for every Mass you attend in life God will send a saint to help you at the moment of death. What a consoling thought! Love your holy Mass and Faith!

In Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart,
Fr. McGuire