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Solemnity of the Most Holy Name of Mary, Pentecost XVI

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Heavy weather these days, but the fruits of late Summer delight us. Two beautiful feasts of the Blessed Mother greet us this weekend, yesterday’s Birthday and today’s Solemnity of her Holy Name. At the High Mass we bless the little plants and seed packets, and give them to our children to take home and plant. Oh, and a little birthday treat in her honor as well. Be sure to visit the cloister garden, all in its late Summer finery. Enough to distract us from the weather. And be sure to continue on the path to visit the striking new stations, made to last. Make them while you’re at it. September is the month of the Sorrowful Mother.

Many thanks to the Arlinghaus family for this work. Thanks too for your charity and assistance for the funerals of Bea Lutkehaus and Connie Kamphaus. I was so sorry to have missed them, for these ladies were dear friends, and longtime and once very active members of the parish. Bea’s elegant kindly prayerful presence was a fixture for so many years at St. Gertrude, as was her always welcome Rum cake! Connie came to us at the prayer and only after the death of her mother Rosemary Britenstein. But when she did, she brought many of her family with her.

Last week was the first anniversary of the death of Paulina Strauss who was everything for St. Gertrude for so many years. We also remembered last week Elsa Bowman, so active in our church in the early years. May these dear ladies all rest in peace. The old order passeth, but they make us who we are today.

Sunday Catechism commences today, and we thank the Sisters for their dedication to our future, our children. Thank you for your concern, charity and prayers for them. They are doing better now, having found a house to rent, and also with a lead on a vehicle. May St. Joseph continue to assist them.

The school choir sings the High Mass today, as they do each school day at 11:25 AM. Our school opened another year on Wednesday with some new students and helpers, and that same fine devotion which inspires teachers and students alike. The church choir has its first rehearsal on Wednesday evening. All voices are welcome, but Fr. Cekada is still searching for a few more good men. Thank you to the 9 AM congregation for your fine singing this Summer. It was a delight. We continue to give you the three main hymns so that you may join in.

Fr. Cekada and I had a fine vacation in Sante Fe, New Mexico, which is really America’s “Holy Land.” I prayed daily to Our Lady the Conquistadora for you all. St. Joseph’s Staircase is also there, and the miraculous shrine of the Crucifix at Chimayo with its “holy dirt,” as well as the Holy Child of Atocha. You could, of course, “do” Santa Fe in a day, but it’s really meant to be a place to stay, and it’s a privilege to do so. Oh, did I mention the magnificent weather, beautiful desert scenery, and low humidity?

Fr. McKenna is off to the Sceptered Isle for his holiday this week, touring England, Wales, and Scotland. He is also charitably offering Mass for the London faithful next Sunday; and getting in some golf on one of Scot-land’s celebrated cliffside greens. Fr. McGuire is kindly taking his place on the northern mission rounds.

Don’t please forget Our Lady’s September Fatima Rosary Procession this Thursday the 13th. October already will be the last. Friday is Holy Cross Day. Next Sunday we solemnize Our Lady’s Sorrows and bless the sick in the morning. By afternoon we’re all feeling better and head out to Sharon Woods Park for our annual picnic. See you there?
Remember the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, a powerful one word prayer, a blessing. And remember to bow your head.

– Bishop Dolan