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Solemnity of the Seven Sorrows, Pentecost XVII

Our new seminarians en route from Nigeria!

The Piñata is always the biggest hit of the Parish Picnic.

The Blessing of the Sick after High Mass today, The Solemnity of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady. In the background, the servers are saying their after-Mass prayers.

From Father McKenna:
Myself and @analystmatt were talking with two Beefeater guards at the Tower of London. One was the only Catholic Beefeater. He took us to an area off limits to the public, saying to his partner, “I have to show something to these members of the One True Faith”. We arrive at this!

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
The sun at last returned on Thursday, back from its vacation, in time for a beautiful, peaceful procession for peace, as we prayed Mary’s mysteries. I pray the same sun will favor us today for our annual church picnic. Do come. You know it’s fun. You might even make a friend or two.

Curious that on so joyful a day as today we begin by mourning with Our Blessed Mother, remembering her sorrows sevenfold. We remember our own as we bless our sick, and extend those prayers to all who have asked. The “solace of all who sorrow” banishes sadness and restores gladness.

I note that the 8 AM weekday Mass this month is drawing good (for us) numbers. But the special 5:45 PM Thursday votive of Our Lady’s Nativity was also well attended. Oh, and Kirby says there were 55 souls for the procession. March on, Soldiers of Christ!

An impressive number of servers now assist at the School Mass. The School Choir, which made its fine debut last Sunday, is sounding strong and true. Ditto (as the radio man likes to say) for the parish choir, which beings a new season today. Welcome back! Fr. Cekada is coordinating things for them, working up new pieces, accompanying rehearsals and producing a plethora of schedules to keep everybody on track. He’s also loving his Friday music appreciation class, now in its second year.

We’re happy to be able to offer kindergarten again at our school, and welcome alumna Miss Florence Lotarski to our staff. In June Mrs. Margaret Kinnett, our beloved and devoted English literature teach-er, announced her retirement after 25 years in the class-room. She taught from her heart, and loved what she did, a true teacher. Thank you, Margaret!

September allergies kicked in last week, along with the hurricanes. Strong! We pray for the sufferers. Pray too for our seminarians returning to Florida. Fr. Nkamuke is proud to be sending two of his students to continue their studies at Most Holy Trinity. Every room is full, and young Thomas has the sacristy suite, conveniently near to work.

Meanwhile, we have two young Brazilian priests working with us now. These Fathers report some ten to twelve young men interested in the priesthood. The poor countries are rich in vocations. The Holy Ghost is raising up young people to replace the old. Thanks be to God.

But the Conciliar Church has done its destruction, fifty years now. The real Catholic Church, save in rare pockets, has vanished from the face of the earth, and with it the Mass. The filthy bloated business of the Novus Ordo Church is daily imploding before our eyes. Lies abound, “pure lies,” as the Mexicans like to say. Deep State does its share as well with propaganda, and perpetual war and the Moslem migrations serving their purposes.

Thank God for the Gospel. Don’t just have the Bible open in your home. Read it. Turn off the fake news of our masters (while you still can), settle down and read the true Word. It will so quiet your soul that you will want to reach for your rosary and pray. Excellent way to begin or end the day.
May Our Lady refresh you with her Sorrows.

– Bishop Dolan