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Pentecost XVIII

Our new seminarians en route from Nigeria!

The Piñata is always the biggest hit of the Parish Picnic.

The Blessing of the Sick after High Mass today, The Solemnity of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady. In the background, the servers are saying their after-Mass prayers.

From Father McKenna:
Myself and @analystmatt were talking with two Beefeater guards at the Tower of London. One was the only Catholic Beefeater. He took us to an area off limits to the public, saying to his partner, “I have to show something to these members of the One True Faith”. We arrive at this!

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Last Sunday’s picnic was a great success, with its good numbers and cooling breeze. Everybody spread out for games and visiting, and seemed to have a great time. Thanks to Mark Lotarski for making it happen, and all of you who brought something to share. The cheeseburgers were absolutely delicious, and who brought that great Oriental Salad? Put me on your list. Thanks to Marlys for another punch resistant Piñata. Lots of fun. We left before it yielded its treasures, but some enterprising young ones were collecting first fruits. These things take a lot of organizing and helping hands, and I am thankful.

I’m trying to organize myself now for an almost two week mission trip. Thursday I depart for San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico for a long weekend with Fr. Arnoldo Villegas and his faithful. Fr. Martin Gomez of Dos Rios will be joining us. On October 1, I continue my travels to Argentina, where I will meet new priests and religious from Brazil as well.

In the meantime, our next big occasion is Rosary Sunday on the feast itself this year, October 7, with its Mass, procession and Confraternity Breakfast. Newly ordained Fr. Dutertre will be our speaker. Later that month, Christ the King weekend marks our Forty Hours Devotion. Opening services are on Friday, October 26, and conclude with our “Chili Sampler Supper.” Plan to be with us, as well as to make an extra visit during these forty hours of prayer.

Looking ahead to November, its first Sunday calls all of our saints for the procession, High Mass and party. Time for creative moms (when are you not creative?) and cooperating children to learn about their saint, and share him with others.

Here’s an early “Save the date.” Friday, November 30, I’ll be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of my Episcopal Consecration with Pontifical Mass at 10:00 AM, followed by a reception. Everyone is invited.

Meanwhile, back to September. The last of our Marian Masses is tomorrow, for Our Lady of Ransom or of Mercy, who delivers Christians from Moslems. Very timely. Midweek we honor the North American Martyrs, Jesuits from the time when they were a blessing to the Church, not a curse. The Indians lived in a filthy way and were very given to cursing, but they had immortal souls to be saved. So do you, and all you meet. Remember that.

We end the week with Michaelmas, great St. Michael whose protection is needed now more than ever. He is Guardian Angel of the Catholic Church. The next day we dedicate all of our innocent little ones to their own angel. The month of the angels will have begun. The Rosary will soon follow.

I send a blessing home with you, and ask for your good prayers.

– Bishop Dolan