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Epiphany II

Verbum Caro Factum Est

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I’m on the weather watch writing this on Friday, as I imagine many folks must be. I’m praying for decent weather for my trip to the seminary for the retreat, and for the other priests as well, of course. Fr. Cekada is returning today, and will be minding the daily Mass while the rest of us are away. But most of all I’m praying that this second storm spares us, so that more of you are able to make Mass today. It would be a shame to miss two Sundays in a row. But we actually did pretty well last week, and how pleased and proud I was, especially for some, thinking: How did they make it? But you did. Some even came twice!

To whom should we pray for good weather? Well, the Holy Child Jesus, the Infant of Prague first of all. Then, in Winter, surely Our Lady of the Snows, and in general, St. Scholastica. Oh, don’t forget St. Thérèse, who seems to have some say in the snow department. We spoke of Thrones last Sunday, the high choir of angels named in the Preface. Among other duties, they have charge of the weather. Invoke them. Angels always come when asked.

This week we’re practicing true “ecumenism” praying for different non-Catholic groups to be converted. False, modern ecumenism is one of the principal, and telltale heresies of Vatican II. Good to know. Tuesday is the anniversary of the unspeakable legalized slaughter of the innocents, called “Roe v. Wade.” Come to midday Mass or the 2:30 PM prolife Holy Hour if you can, but do pray, and pray mightily. It will take a change of heart to convert heartless America away from abortion. This change of heart will have to include the Fear of the Lord, love for little ones, and innocence and self sacrifice. Even just basic decency. How much longer do you suppose we have?

Once we get past Epiphany, the last of the forty days of Christmas seem to pass very quickly, don’t they? We’re already planning the last day of Christmastide, Candlemas. The Purification falls on First Saturday, February 2nd. The All Night Adoration will end a little earlier, with Benediction at 7:00 AM. The Candle Mass starts at 9 AM, with their blessing, and the procession which honors the Christ Child’s entrance into the Temple. The children always love this Mass, during which they hold a blessed candle for the procession, Gospel and Consecration. Afterwards, we’ll all be good and hungry, and our annual Winter Soups will be welcome. If you can, plan to stay, as many hands will make light work, as—already—we put away Christmas for another year.

It’s a late Easter, so we have a bit of a breather for the rest of February, although we are Calling All Altar Boys for a special fun and informative day on Saturday, February 23rd. Parents of First Communion age children, please consult the bulletin for the sacramental schedule. Rejoice to bring the little ones to Jesus. That’s the point of it all. Don’t make Jesus, and your child, wait without reason. When in doubt, ask. Suffer the little children to come unto Me!

Please say a prayer to the Little Flower for the seminary and priest retreat this week, and for our little children. I’ll say a prayer for you, too.

— Bp. Dolan