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Epiphany IV

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
On First Friday cold—really, for us, just average January cold—we usually get some zero days—so what was all the fuss about?—but the cold gave way to picturesque snow. Spring was scheduled for yesterday. I hope it made it. Weather causes such travel delays! And I hope you made it too, to First Saturday and Candlemas and some good winter soup. Thanks to all who came and helped, especially for the Mass, the meal, and packing most of Christmas away.

Puccini didn’t seem to mind the Polar Vortex one bit. Tough kitty, he made a point to stay out in it rather longer than usual. It only sharpened his appetite. Fr. McKenna was trudging around North Dakota regardless of the negative readings, safely swathed in his “Bismarck Burka.” (#@frcekada) He did get back two days late, because the airplane antifreeze froze. Father helped as subdeacon yesterday, and is already travelling in Texas today.

Some of our Catholics, like my cats, also seemed to be thriving in the cold. What great Mass attendance all week long! It was as though you viewed the vortex as a personal challenge, and rose to the polar occasion. May you do as well in Spring! Our tough school children braved a “partial shut down,” not of government but the heat, last week. We could have used some of Washington’s hot air. But we hope to have a new H/Vac unit in place this week.

Short February began Friday. It is traditionally dedicated to the Holy Trinity, and the “earthly Trinity,” the Holy Family. It is the month of blessings. Today we beg St. Blaise to bless our throats, and keep all of the upper respiratory in good working order, including our voice. St. Blaise is invoked also for a good confession, as well as for confessing our Catholic Faith before men.

Later in February we will ask Our Lady of Lourdes on Sunday the 17th to bless our sick, and of Sorrows for the same grace as we begin her Friday evening novena on February 15th. February is the month of novenas, and for a while we’ll be praying three at our Friday evening Holy Hour. But you won’t even get in on one, unless you come.

This Wednesday I’m leaving for a week in sunny Brazil, just north of Sao Paolo, to visit our priests and seminarians there, and to administer Confirmation. Please pray for a safe and profitable trip?

It’s a late Easter this year, so we have a little “church downtime” this month. But let’s look lively in the matter of catechism, both attending on Sunday and studying this good book during the week. The Faith does not pass itself on! You do, by God’s help. Much of January was a loss, let’s make February a real gain. It starts with Sunday Mass. Oh, and don’t forget a fun and instructive Altar Boys Day on February 23rd!

May the Holy Family make your family holy.
–Bp. Dolan