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Please click this link to read Bp. Dolan’s 2019 Lenten Pastoral Newsletter:
Lenten Pastoral Newsletter

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Thursday night, Winter took another flight after all. A bite, actually, but it led us into St. Joseph’s month clad in white. NOT all bad! All First Friday we prayed to be spared the worst of today’s predicted storm. But Spring is waiting in the wings until it is safe again. In any case today is Holy Face Sunday, and we pray for the settlement of the affairs of our household. The soul’s Spring beckons come Wednesday, cold or no. Make your Lent a Mass this year, and start it well, with Holy Mass. And if not the Mass, at least receive a bit of blessed ash to start this holy season.

We had a few “freeze ups” on the way to installing a new heating unit in the school last week. This led to an unexpected and probably welcome early Spring Break for teachers and students. It was just too cold. Still, we missed the heavenly voices of the children for the expertly sung daily school Mass at 11:25. Tune in every school day.

The McFathers and I were planning the church/mission schedule through June the other day. How busy the weeks run in succession, how quickly pass the months, and the miles. At the end of our session, we were glancing at July in February. Everybody stays pretty busy around here. These days the secretary is loaded with pre-Lenten work, as is the sacristan, with altars and shrines and purple, every kind of preparation for Lent and St. Joseph’s month as well. But ditto Fr. Cekada and the choirs, beehives of activity, to sweeten our sacred song for God’s glory.

Fr. Nkamuke is completing a mission month, during which his seminarians return home, and he leaves to attend to scattered souls everywhere in that dangerous and disorganized land. His car, Margarita, has been fairly well behaved. This is a blessing, for the Nigerian roadside mechanics (“the wickedness of man!” Father says) quadruple the bill for repairs. But I think there are some Americans similarly without scruples. Weep to see how the good God is offended, and the unwary cheated. Good thing Lent, conversion and reparation time, is here. For soon come death and dust. But do pray for Father’s safety. He reports two very narrow escapes from serious accidents.

Pray for all of our busy and traveling clergy. Fr. McKenna is looking at another possible Texas mission in Austin, as well as “promoting” little Our Lady of Perpetual Help in El Paso to a regular monthly Sunday Mass. Fr. Eldracher gave us his Australian news the other day. He is planning First Fridays in Brisbane, as well as a tour of Lenten Recollection Days in his missions. Oh, and working on a Mass webcast as well, I hear. All, excellent news. Mary, Help of Christians, protect them.

Here at home, we have our modestly successful and eminently traditional Lenten Friday Evening of Recollection, with 5:45 Mass, followed by Supper (freewill offering) and closing with 7:30 Stations, Sorrowful Mother Novena and Benediction. I tuck in a very brief candlelight sermonette, for old times’ sake, as well.

On Wednesday, March 13, we have our Children’s Day of Recollection, with a free lunch. If you bring your children, it will be successful. On Saturday, March 30, it’s the adults’ turn, a short morning presentation on the “Life Changing Teaching of St. Therese.” Details to follow.

St. Patrick’s Sunday will offer a too cute for words “Shillelaghs and Shamrocks” show from our school children. Don’t miss it! Ditto for St. Joseph’s Solemn Mass and Table and Blessing of the Bread. Remember, we do a lot of eating around here during Lent.

The next day, Laetare, is Sisters’ Sunday, lots of fun, and for a so good cause. The Sisters are surviving in a rented house, but barely. Help support a good cause.

Speaking of which, do peek in at the Mardi Gras Bake Sale, buy some goodies, and then dig in! It’s almost Lent. Rejoice today, and fast come Wednesday.

A blessed Lent!

–Bp. Dolan