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Lent IV – Laetare Sunday

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Rejoice with us, children of Mother Church, this Laetare Sunday. Mothering Sunday, the English call it, based on the Epistle. It is their Mothers Day. Many reasons for rejoicing suggest themselves. It is a great thing still to be a Catholic today, without compromise or connection with the false harlot church of Vatican II. It is such a strength to know that weak as we are, we have two strong, loving mothers: Holy Mother Church, and our Blessed Mother. And, of course, we rejoice today at the prospect of Easter. Not so much the end of Lent, as its fruition: Resurrection. Christ rises from the dead, and I in Him.

Be sure to go back to Helfta Hall today. It’s a lot of fun, sort of like a street fair or a market day, all crowded with interesting items. And you can get breakfast, too. And all for a good cause, as the Sisters depend upon this annual fundraiser very much. Your Lenten alms will be rewarded in this life, and the next.

Last Monday’s Annunciation feast was cold and wet without and warm and bright within. We honored the day God became Man in the womb of the Virgin, for our salvation. We grieved over abortion, the terrible sin of it, and offered reparation, all in a spirit of wonder and love.

Good and bad news came this past week. On Tuesday, St. Anthony’s day, I discovered we had “baptized” our bell “Anthony,” and proceeded to pray to him for its return. At dinner (thank you Bev and
Charlie Henry, and our brave Lenten cooks!) Father announced a plan. It seems the McFathers climbed up the ladder, conveniently still in place, and figured it wouldn’t be too difficult at all to get the bell ringing again. A little rope, some schoolboy power to move it slightly and there you have it. Thanks to all who helped. (The boys enjoyed climbing on the roof.) The bell just needs a little cover to protect against rust. Thanks to St. Anthony and St. Agatha, and mighty Gabriel, Angel of the Annunciation. Be faithful to your Angelus three times a day.

But this week we learned that Fr. Joseph Collins has pancreatic cancer, and probably not long to live. Father was one of “the Nine,” and has been pastor of St. Michael’s Chapel in Glenmont, New York for years, and also helped out at the CMRI mission in Boston. As it happens today is the 26th anniversary of death of Bishop Vida Elmer, Fr. Collin’s predecessor at St. Michael’s. Please pray to him for Father in his hour of need.

Prayers, too, for the clergy, so busy these days. Coughs and colds, falls and allergies try to keep us down, but with God’s grace we continue on our way. So must we all. Soon it will be Holy Week. First Friday this week calls us to come and adore. On First Saturday we’ll need some help to cover our many statues. May our Lenten sacrifices cover our sins, and God’s mercies blot them out.


–Bp. Dolan