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Within the Octave of the Ascension

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
“Tis the month of our Mother,” we sang on Ascension evening after the 5:45 for one last time. While May will ever be for us “the fairest of seasons” for the sake of our Mother and Queen, from a natural point of view we will all be happy to see the back of so many storms and daily tornadoes, such heavy humid days which weigh down our work. But were not our days lightened by the sweet duty of Marian devotions, the May Altar, the Litany? And what a beautiful blue tribute to our crowned Queen this year, enthroned over our high altar.

But how far crueler than Nature is “Dame World” as Pius Parsch called her. A late Easter this year makes our feasts to fall in official Summer. Catholics stay away from Mass, with better things to do. The Heartland dares to pass Heartbeat laws and even to outlaw the barbarous procedure outright. Our Zionist president demurs. Too much. The leftist entertainment and political establishment is outraged. The Organized Forces of Naturalism organize their forces to punish those who resist. Let us pray these Pentecost Novena days for nature and grace and mercy above all. The Holy Ghost is the answer to our woes, the Heaven sent Gift of the Sacred Heart.

We have a special schedule this week in view of Pentecost. The First Communion and Confirmation children join me on Thursday for the Recollection Day. First Friday has morning rather than evening Mass (7, 8 and 11:25 AM) and no All Night Adoration (it is deferred to Friday, June 21). We will be preparing for the great Pontifical Vigil of Pentecost on Saturday morning, with Confirmations. The press of “Summer” makes us anticipate First Holy Communion on Pentecost Sunday. But the Holy Ghost is the sure guide of the little ones as they receive Jesus for the first time. He watches over our adult converts as well, and we warmly welcome them all. Come, Holy Ghost.

The damp dark days of May were no good for allergies. Even the cat, Puccini, got an upper respiratory infection, and his meow was reduced to an “ack.” And the human distress is evident in the loud and lingering coughs. But all things pass. Puccini is on the mend, and is feeling up to playfully scratching and biting when you pet him. Curious cat, but really most affectionate since he stepped up to fill the sede vacante after Caravaggio’s lamented departure.

Three good solid days of prayer, I should report, sent us heavenward, last week, with the hard work of the Lesser Litanies, starting on Memorial Day. The morning Masses for the Holy Day were well attended, and the High Mass so beautifully sung by our own school choir. For the first time in three years Fr. Cekada was celebrant for the Solemn Mass, ably assisted by Fr. McKenna and Fr. Lehtoranta. See, prayers are answered. Thanks be to God. Soon it will be time to begin counting St. Anthony’s Tuesdays.

This is the last week of our school. We will miss the bright faces of the students, and still more their lilting voices uplifted in the daily High Mass. But we are grateful to the Legacy Choir which always charitably comes forward to ensure a full liturgical and devotional calendar at our church.

Fr. Cekada is working on a new video this weekend. Fr. Lehtoranta will be preaching and busy Fr. McGuire is back for a day or two between trips. He drove out to St. Louis last week to anoint one of his faithful from Holy Face. I am spending the weekend in Milwaukee, with Confirmations scheduled for yesterday. ’Tis the season.

Thanks for the birthday greetings (and caramel cake!), and the nice surprise party, a proper lunch, from the school! We had a good time. As also for Memorial day. Fr. McKenna was our last minute chef, no sooner returning from a delayed flight than taking up the spatula as he dropped off his suitcase. A lot of dinners have come in. We are grateful.

May the Merciful Sacred Heart of Jesus send you His own Spirit, God the Holy Ghost, to penetrate and sanctify you, heart and home.

–Bp. Dolan