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Pentecost Sunday

Sunrise on the Vigil of Pentecost

Our new Soldiers of Christ!

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Ascension Octave always leads unto, pleads prayerfully, for the coming of the Holy Ghost, Pentecost. There are always baptized souls who need to be strengthened, sealed and perfected by God’s own Spirit. This is bishop work, so these are busy weeks. I slipped in a little visit trip to St. Hugh in Milwaukee to confirm three little First Communicants, and see again how the church has grown, drawing souls especially from Chicagoland. They will have to go, at last, to two Masses. Good news!

Well, bishops should be good news bearers. How many inquiries we receive each week from Catholics, or potential Catholics who have “read themselves” into the uncompromised Faith. Rather, the Holy Ghost, “who listeth where He will,” is always on the move, mercifully inspiring, drawing, leading. The older “traditional” groups are content with their compromise, or cultish attitude, as so often in Catholic history. The Holy Ghost is, however, still “renewing the face of the earth.”

The Pentecost or Summer Ember Days bid us fast and pray for new priests. Last month, for the second consecutive year, a French priest was ordained in Italy. I knew Fr. Langlet’s family from when I used to visit Europe. An American priest, from a Cajun (French) background, Fr. Caleb Sons, will be ordained at our seminary in Florida on June 27. Keep these priests, and all of our growing number, in your good prayers.

Witness as well yesterday’s Confirmations. Twenty Catholics, old and new, lost and returned, children and grownups, or just recently turned up by the Paraclete, lined up devoutly to be confirmed, strengthened as real Soldiers of Christ. I thank the Sisters for their help for Thursday’s Recollection, as we prepared our eight local youth for Confirmation. It was a delightful day, leading in to these Pentecostal days of grace, culminating in this morning’s First Holy Communion at the Pontifical Mass. Solemn ceremonies for so sacred and serious sacraments, which fill us with a simple
childlike joy. Our guest confirmands from all over make us rejoice evermore.

And to think of it, all of this is done under the most unpleasant conditions, hot and humid overcast days which leave our beleaguered air conditioning quite outdone. Many thanks to those who labor on in spite of all. We did have another perfect June day (one came in late May) last week.

Three of our eighth graders graduated Friday in a little impromptu ceremony in the cloister. We look forward to seeing them as High Schoolers come September. Let us know if you have any graduates in your family whom we may recognize as well.

Speaking of good news (and let’s do it) and answered prayer, the South has risen up to forbid baby murder, abortion, in at least four states: Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Missouri. This gives you some idea of the resistance on the part of many Americans to the diabolical Democrat Naturalist agenda. Prayers are heard, possibilities still present themselves. Christ our King is enthroned on high, “always living to make intercession for us.” In the meantime, remember that we American taxpayers give Planned Parenthood $1.3 million a day. They, in turn, kill over 900 babies a day. The spare change goes to propaganda and paying Hollywood types to shill for these merciless murderers.

Remember the June Rosary Procession on Thursday evening, intended to atone for just such atrocities, and thus bring peace. It is also St. Anthony’s Day. This Holy Ghost-fired preacher is commemorated at the Pentecost Octave Mass.

Fr. Nkamuke is having back problems which lead to severe pain when he stands for long. Offering Holy Mass is very painful. Please keep our intrepid African missionary in your good prayers.

Blessed Pentecost!
–Bp. Dolan