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Solemnity of the Most Precious Blood

Click above to read about the upcoming pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Prairies. August 15.

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Today’s Solemnity of the Precious Blood both consecrates the month to this Mystery of our redemption, and brings to a close the many feasts and devotions to the Love of God Incarnate which we have celebrated since Lent: the Passion, the Holy Wounds, the Holy Cross, Corpus Christi and the Sacred Heart. It is also a fitting tie-in with our own Independence Day, as these natural things, too, are always a matter of blood. But piety always rouses our interest and calls us to prayer.

We had a very modest Independence Day. No crowds at Mass like the old days, but of course it is the height of the travel season. Fr. Lehtoranta toured the South this past week, and enjoyed visiting many historical Civil War sites and monuments. He knows far more about our history than do we! He didn’t seem to mind the heat, although as a Finn he is not used to it. Today Father kindly is offering the Sunday Masses at St. Hugh (they’ve gone to two now: 8:45 and 11:15 AM) before he continues his auto touring vacation. This week he will be visiting northern historical sites, and we hope he has cooler weather.

The Fourth of July dawned dark and humid, as so many of our days for so long now. But I prayed to the Infant of Prague, and out came the sun. I’ll print the prayer. It is a charming one. It was still hot, of course, but it is July. We should remember that God loves to hear from His children, even for the little things as well as for the great needs of the day. Come to the Summer Novena, the Friday Novena, with the same confident expectations!

A total of 73 “young adults” are coming for the Y.A.G. this Friday. Be sure to welcome them, and say a little prayer for their success. This is a truly important apostolate, and we are so grateful to Colleen Eldracher and her volunteers for its revival. It is important for our youth to see they are not alone in their uncompromised Catholic Faith, and to be encouraged in its generous practice.

Safe travels to you, and a restful July if you can manage it. We’ll be rather busy here with Summer Apostolates, the ever gruesome Summer travel which the young Fathers face all the time, and as well the sweet round of daily services, especially the Holy Sacrifice. Surprise yourself and the children, bring a smile to Jesus and Mary, by making “the extra” Mass this week.

God bless you!
–Bp. Dolan