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Pentecost IX

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I write this on the feast of the patron saint of parish priests, the Curé of Ars. His very name and image remind us of the importance of priests, and of praying for priests. What good would a roomful of gold do, asks St. John Marie Vianney, if there were no one to open the door? His Friday feast opened our annual Triduum to his beloved saint, Philomena. Her image graces our altar today, and we poor sinners are cheered to remember that “with Philomena, nothing is impossible.” Many souls are discovering this little saint and great martyr who was unceremoniously dumped by John XXIII. We have never forgotten her, nor she us. T

hank you for remembering our seminarians, especially in the food department. This week our local vocations are enjoying a little time with their family. Fr. Lehtoranta is taking the Nigerian seminarians with him to Milwaukee to celebrate the Assumption.

Meanwhile, we are all preparing for that greatest of Mary’s feasts on Thursday. Bring some flowers or garden produce to be blessed. Bless your children by allowing them to walk in the procession into church for the High Mass. After the children have presented the flowers to Our Lady, the Sisters will present their vows, their Profession, in a simple but moving ceremony. The Mass follows, and afterwards you are invited to a little reception (of course!) in Helfta Hall.

Meanwhile, Fr. McKenna will be reviving the Assumption pilgrimage and procession to Our Lady of the Prairies in Powers Lake, North Dakota. For years after the changes this shrine and school was a beacon for Catholics from throughout the country. It has been almost abandoned for years now, but we would like to revive this venerable sanctuary in Our Lady’s honor. Please join us in prayer these days for its success.

Processions are the order of the day. Please don’t forget Tuesday evening’s Fatima Rosary Procession which prepares us for Thursday’s great and Holy Day. Last month we had over a hundred in attendance. What a beautiful homage for Our Lady it would be to continue these devout numbers.

The Assumption is Summer’s Highlight, and afterwards, alas, it dwindles into Autumn. But September has its own glories, and glories of Mary! Enjoy these last Summer days. Many are already “back to school” but we keep to the old ways, after Labor Day.

May Mary Assumed in Heaven draw you after her to glory!
– Bishop Dolan