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Pentecost XV

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Last Sunday’s picnic was…smooth. With the best attendance in several years, we had the Cardinal Crest all to ourselves; a cozy corner. Everyone was fed, and so well. Games were played, visiting, too, with old friends and new. The Heresy Piñata didn’t put up much of a fight, and a good thing too, for the children were ready for it, and soon battled it into submission, and the candy flowed forth. Thanks to Lotarskis for shopping and cooking, and “Marlys and them” for the games.

I almost forgot the choir. It’s not every parish picnic which can boast of a choir and fancy part music! But so we did, in Fr. Cekada’s original way, to thank Joan Lotarski and Lexi Briggs for their so many years of loyal service. Indeed, a memorable parish picnic.

Many were the sick that were blessed for the Sorrowful Mother last Sunday. Let us keep them in our prayers for continual healing. There are two Fr. Berrys to pray for, both quite ill. Fr. Eugene Barry of Colorado, and Fr. David Baryj (pronounced the same) of California.

The last of our September Marian Masses comes up on Tuesday, Our Lady of Ransom, introduced as well by its Triduum. The slave catchers are everywhere, chains in hand. Bind yourself to Mary to be

Kirby proudly reported 57 for our “very lucky” Friday the 13th Rosary Procession, blessed with a cool breeze and a beautiful sunset. It makes you feel sorry for those who were not able to make it.

Fr. McKenna is back this weekend, refreshed by a few days away. I’m visiting our little but growing Milwaukee church, now drawing more and more true Catholics from Chicagoland. Next weekend, Michaelmas, they will be having solemn services for Forty Hours and the start of their new season. We salute them and wish them well, and great growth.

Fr. Nkamuke somehow is managing to serve some ten missions in the land of St. Patrick, Nigeria. He also has two seminarians to train for the major seminary, but avows he finds it difficult to schedule classes, as there is always a catechumen to catechize, a baby to baptize, or a couple to prepare for marriage. We don’t know how he does it, and are happy at least to support him doing it. Godspeed to our Nigerian seminarians on their way to the altar.

Believe it or not, we are already discussing dates for next year’s YAG and camps in July. How’s that for being organized? The truth is that it will be here before you know it, so best prepare….

I hope your September is going well, and that we will see all of our children next week for Angel Sunday. The blessing is a dear tradition and a powerful protection as well. Oh, speaking of traditions, the Rosary Sunday Communion Breakfast tickets are going quickly!

The Angels go home with you today, and bring you back next week…if not before!

– Bishop Dolan

P.S. I forgot the raccoon report. They’re BAAACK! The other day they were moving in their heavy appliances during the 8, and excavating for more wall apartments by the 5 PM. Nothing if not hard workers, these creatures. But we’re on it too, with traps and marshmallows and further investigating as to how they ever got in again. I only wish some of our families were as eager to be here as these cute but destructive furry mammals.

A far more welcome visitor is the lonely but elegant Monarch butterfly who has been devoutly frequenting our cloister of late, like a lost monk. He’ll eventually be off to winter in Mexico.