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Dedication of St. Michael, Archangel

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
The last Sunday of September brings us the angels, and brings the children to the rail to be blessed and rededicated to them there. But this is a great Angel Sunday, falling as it does on the feast of their prince and leader, magnificent St. Michael, Guardian Angel of the Catholic Church. Start saying (we all know it by heart) the St. Michael prayer every day. You, we, could use it. You could also use his secret weapon, against which Satan is helpless, humility…

What a fine month of September we made. The first Sunday was for St. Joseph, patron of those dedicated to labor. Then came Our Lady’s Birthday, with its blessings, then her Seven Sorrows with another blessing and a picnic. Last week was a quiet “green” Sunday, just to let us catch our breath. This can be a blessing. Today we keep the great feast of the Angels, Michaelmas.

Tuesday comes the month of the Rosary, with daily October Devotions. The first Sunday of the month is our well beloved Rosary Sunday, with procession and a presentation at breakfast from our newest priest. Eight days later we remember Fatima’s Miracle of the Sun, and meet on a Sunday evening for one final Fatima Rosary for Peace, candles in hand. The third Sunday of October is Mission Sunday, and the fourth Christ the King whose feast will crown our Forty Hours Devotion. A happy, holy, busy month for sure, but well paced this year withal.

Those are just the Sunday feasts. But ours is an all week affair, our Faith. Such beloved saints, just this week: The Guardian Angels, the Little Flower, St. Francis. Try to live, more and more, by the Church Cycle, rather than by the news cycle. You’ll find it so uplifting, and really you won’t miss much. So much of it lies and propaganda. But if you do dip your feet in the swamp, be sure to lift your eyes heavenward, for Heaven’s sake!

Sweet Autumn mornings and some dry delicious days came in last week, almost on schedule for the delayed Autumn Equinox and end of Summer. But it seems more Summer is scheduled for this week, too. We should pray for some refreshing rains. I’ve been watering the cloister garden a little myself, just to preserve it. I was happy to see three coveted monarchs enjoying this oasis. I hope you do, too.

But no silver lining comes without its cloud. (Good news for the pessimist.) Allergies have struck, as they always do when days are at their most beautiful. We must soldier on. The choir continues to thrive and find its new identity with so many welcome men’s voices. The school choir gives great glory to God each weekday in a church which would almost be empty, were it not for the angels. Fr. Cekada is giving a unique Public Speaking course on Fridays for the High Schoolers. We are grateful to Mrs. Richesson for teaching Algebra and Geometry each day for our High School as well. Our school enrollment is the same as last year with two new students.

St. Gertrude the Great is great because of these things. 1) An absolute and uncompromising Catholic Faith, 2) Unstinting and solemn daily worship with the unchanged liturgy, 3) The generosity of countless souls who give of themselves, their time and talents, as well as their tithe.

The McFathers are with Fr. Sons in Milwaukee today for the closing ceremonies of their Forty Hours. Fr. Sons comes down tomorrow with Fr. McGuire, Fr. McKenna having left right away to serve his northern missions.

Crank up the Family Rosary this week, won’t you? It may have gotten misplaced because we’re all so busy. Priorities…it’s all about what’s important. But family and prayer are meant to go together, like October and Rosary. See you for devotions? Don’t forget First Friday’s All Night Adoration in the shuffle.

Oh and remember, your angel never forgets you!
– Bishop Dolan