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Rosary Sunday / Pentecost XVII

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
The Vespers of St. Francis brought us welcome cool weather on Thursday evening. It may be that today’s Rosary Feast will relieve the baking, month long drought, with refreshing rain. Still, we are hoping for a nice outdoor procession… I’m hoping you will join us for the beloved Rosary festivities. We are grateful to newly ordained Fr. Caleb Sons, busy teaching many web classes, for his presence today. Otherwise Fr. Sons is with Fr. Palma at their new and still small chapel in Phoenix. Phoenix looks to be another Cincinnati, with its now three fully Catholic churches, as well as the different versions of Novus Ordo “Latin Mass Traditionalism” under Apostate Francis. We wish the Fathers Godspeed in their apostolic work. How many souls need them. What seems like competition among the Catholic groups is actually growth, and the saving of souls who would otherwise never be reached. Thanks be to God.

Fr. Sons returns to the Southwest this afternoon. Fr. Cekada leaves tomorrow morning for his first teaching week at the Seminary. We are proud of our four seminarians who have received the first two Minor Orders, and support them, and Most Holy Trinity Seminary with our alms and prayers.

Spare a prayer for me on Wednesday, if you would. I leave for Manila in the far off Philippines, to visit an isolated Catholic priest and his flock, and to administer Confirmation. Fr. Joven Soliman is a former Pius X priest as are many of us, one way or another. As a bishop, I’m happy to do him this service. Next month I return to Brazil to visit our Seminary and faithful there. Mission Sunday is coming up October 20, but at St. Gertrude we live it all year round.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped these First Friday/Rosary Sunday days. Love your church, appreciate it, help whenever possible. As you may be aware, our country and our Church are pretty much gone today, and the rest is heading down the drain in a hurry. Help us to build up these little “monasteries,” like St. Gertrude the Great, centers of Catholic life and learning and worship. One day, churches such as these may be all you will have. It may be so even now, although we don’t see it, not yet.

Say the Rosary. Save your children from the coming flood. Solve your problems, great and small. Keep your family united and focused. May Our Lady smile on you all.
– Bishop Dolan