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Christ the King

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
They’re worshiping idols in Rome, and enshrining these demons (for the pagan gods are devils from hell) in the churches. Bishop Sanborn explains this idolatry, and its V2/Modernist connection, in today’s bulletin. Read it, arm yourself with the truth. But do more. Go out of your way to adore, to offer reparation to the one true God whose majesty is so offended today. Come back to church this afternoon, and especially this evening, to overcome the “Outrages” the Angel bewailed at Fatima, as well as the customary “Indifference” of most Catholics.

This is the feast of Christ the King. Show it. Live it. In the face of worldwide apostasy, respond to the Fatima Message. God means to bring about the Kingship of Christ, here and now, by means of our Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Much good remains to be done if Christ is to reign as King.

But be cheered by the good example of two men in Rome who took the idols out of the church, and cast them into the river Tiber. That’s Catholic action! I remember fifty years ago a pious elderly lady in Detroit bewailing that there were no men to take the tables out of the churches. There were not. No one dared. Now today some timidly dress the table like an altar, but the Modernists are boldly putting their idols on altars. See where going along and respectability get you.

Meanwhile, our Eucharistic King is on our altar for one more precious day of solemn adoration. Let Him not go unattended. The angels would like some company! We have not yet concluded our solemn Forty Hours prayer, but I must thank the many who have contributed in different ways to this so needed devotion. Its fruits will be felt in our midst in the months to come. God reward your sacrificial labors. If only we could offer a worthy reparation for our sins and those of all mankind. We can. He, the Lamb, is in our Tabernacle, and on our altar.

Our “sister church” in Vera Cruz, Mexico, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, concluded their Forty Hours yesterday. They very kindly offered their Prayer for my intentions. What power there is in united prayer!

As of Friday we were still waiting for the promised Autumn rains. Our faithful in Dallas just escaped last Sunday one of those frequent, sudden tornadoes, a real Texas characteristic. But at least one of our families spent the night huddled together in a closet. Their prayers were heard, and they emerged safe. Thank you for your prayers for all of our sick, our special intentions, and our clergy and church. Prayers are heard. This is why we’re spending a whole forty hours praying this weekend.

But we must meet again next weekend for All Saints on First Friday (but no All Night Adoration), All Souls with its rich indulgences on First Saturday and the junior All Saints on Sunday. Busy days, demanding, yes, but so rewarding in so many ways. Who would miss them? Nobody much would notice, I suppose, but we would miss them, if we did.

May God give you strength and perseverance.

¡Viva Christo Rey!

– Bishop Dolan

P.S. Remember to set your clock back one hour on Saturday night. Providential extra rest for a busy weekend.