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The Holy Family

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✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
We really can’t object to this dark rainy weekend, although our now departed Nigerian seminarians did hope to see some snow. This would have been a first for them. Still, for us, these mild sunny days of Christmas have been a great gift.

If Fr. Cekada is feeling better (his “flu” has lasted longer than Christmas) he heads off to the Seminary today for his teaching week. Fr. McKenna goes to Rome for the first time. He’ll meet Fr. Nkamuke, Fr. Trauner and the intrepid world traveler, Stephen Heiner, to see the Holy City; and record some shows for Stephen’s company, True Restoration. Fr. Cekada and I work for them as well with a monthly news commentary called “Behind the Headlines.”

Meanwhile, back in River City we’re praying for probably the one institution most under attack, the Family, as we keep the feast of the Holy Family. This devotion largely originated in Canada, poor Canada. Our neighbor to the north almost makes us look good in comparison. Remember our fellow Catholics who still strive to survive there despite a monstrous government, far advanced in tyrannical radicalism of every sort. Fr. Dutertre is doing an admirable work there, despite all of the obstacles.

But in the meantime, we proudly celebrate our Catholic Faith, the manifestation of Christ our King to all the world, Epiphany. A beautiful Mass marked Monday’s solemnity, and afterwards in cozy candlelit Helfta Hall we made merry with a very generous chicken dinner. Thank you! Colleen Eldracher and Agustin Bayer got the Baby Jesus in their cake, and thus won a prize. The third remains a mystery. I hope the baby wasn’t swallowed.

It turns out a converted Protestant pastor and R&R internet personality, Taylor Marshall, gave our calendar a nice plug (it is a fine work, as is the fine “work of God” we do here) which is why we’ve about sold out. There are a few more in the Gift Shop, so look lively if you need one.

Puccini showed up at the side door Friday morning, all drenched and bedraggled from the rain, quite distressed really. I got the feeling he blamed me. Well, he had some breakfast, and now he’s drying off, sleeping under the couch, to be on the safe side in case of more rain.

Holy Family Sunday, coming so soon into the New Year, does suggest a resolution or two, doesn’t it? Family prayer, Sunday Mass, Rosary, grace, modesty, catechism… Well, you get the picture. So should others, if you’re Christians. Start today by blessing your home, and banishing the devil, by devoutly doing the Epiphany Home Blessing, with incense and prayer and chalk. Little things
go a long way!

May the Little King of Love run your home, and no one else!
–Bp. Dolan