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Epiphany II

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
This has been a busy week for the clergy here. Fr. Cekada is still busy being sick. St. Bernadette used to say it was her job to be ill. It seems Father pinched a nerve in the neck with all his heavy coughing, which in turn occasioned days of migraine-like symptoms, and great fatigue; and enforced inactivity. But he’s seeing the therapist for relief, and I know he can count on all of his friends throughout the world for their good prayers.

We have several more pressing prayer intentions for the sick. Ed Strauss rallied last Sunday and seemed out of danger, but is again at death’s door. Fr. McGuire faithfully looks after the sick, and has been helping me with the care of Fr. Cekada as well. Oh, and he’s doing all the Masses and sermons today. Fr. Lehtoranta is taking his place in Milwaukee. Fr. McKenna returns from Rome Tuesday. Faithful Fr. Lehtoranta is our anchor most Sundays in the confessional, and daily in the school classroom and church. I’m sure he will appreciate the opportunity to make the retreat.

Meanwhile, I’ve been preparing as I may for the annual seminary retreat which brought me down to sunny Florida today. The theme is the Divine Office, the official daily prayer of the Church which the priest recites. Again, I do appreciate your prayers for our future priests, as well as visiting clergy who will be joining us for these spiritual exercises. Fr. Nkamuke reports the busiest Christmas ever, far more work than one priest could handle. His health has suffered and he is trying for some rest before his seminary teaching resumes. He never did get to go to Rome. The mysteries of the Italian government bureaucracy defeated him, and he was unable to obtain an appointment to apply for a visa. But Fr. McKenna is having a good first visit to the Eternal City, and reports having walked ten miles in one day.

The other day the Leftists under Communist candidate Bernie Sanders let slip their plan for America should he be elected. Trump is no peach, but Americans love him and we must pray that God allows him to defeat the murderous Communists waiting in the wings, Gulags at the ready.

Speaking of murder, mass murder really, we remember on Wednesday the millions of American babies slain in the womb. Come and pray and offer reparation by Mass or Holy Hour or both. Prayer changes things. Politics change nothing, and only serve to perpetuate the chain of self-serving politicians.

A final prayer petition today is for the conversion of the Eastern Orthodox, today’s intention as we pray the Chair of Unity Octave. How greatly they revere Our Lady. May she deign to draw them back to the true Catholic Church, even though the Church herself is eclipsed, thus making conversions a most difficult task. But Mary is “Omnipotentia supplex,” all powerful in prayer. Join us in our novena, at our Masses and Benediction. You know, we’re not under Communism yet! There’s no law against going to church more than once a week. You might even want to “offer it up” for our
Church, our country, and our sick.

We are already planning Candlemas, the end of the Christmas season, and the procession of lights and the Mass of Candles, two Sundays from today, February 2nd. Don’t miss the special High Mass.

A blessed Sunday to you, and bless you for your prayers.

— Bp. Dolan