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Epiphany III

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I’m writing this Friday afternoon, on the road, or rather between flights returning from the seminary retreat. It’s been quite a week, even by St. Gertrude standards. Fr. Cekada has been in the hospital. Fr. Lehtoranta and I have been at the seminary, and Fr. McKenna returning from Rome to Cincinnati. Fr. McGuire was “minding the store” earlier, until he drove to Milwaukee. The cat has been disturbed in his routine, and is, of course, not happy. There, that’s a quick summary.

For the rest, thank you so much for your prayers for Fr. Cekada, and our different special, and very special intentions. Prayer is everything.

Wednesday is the feast day of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of Cincinnati, as well as of our group of priests throughout the world. A festive Mass will be sung by the school choir at 11:25.

Candlemas comes on a Sunday this year, a special opportunity for families and little ones to participate in the impressive and ancient Mass of the Candles. Don’t miss it. Afterwards there are refreshments in Helfta Hall. No Catechism classes that morning. The Liturgy itself does an impressive job of teaching. The day before is First Saturday. Separated from Friday, you could overlook it. Don’t. Let us offer reparation to her heart, as God Himself asks.

Beautiful reparation was offered Wednesday for the murderous crime of abortion. Thank you for your prayers at Mass and the Holy Hour. Did you ever notice how cold it usually gets around the 22nd? Surely it is to represent the cold, cold hearts of the baby killers. It was freezing in Florida, and I was all bundled up in my bed. But soon the sun returned. May the Sun of God’s truth enlighten dark, dark souls.

But how great that President Trump addressed the pro life marchers. In American politics, it is a milestone.

I send a blessing, with thanks for your many prayers,
— Bp. Dolan